Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What makes a tgirl tick...

Having spent several days wondering what makes me tick I think I have distilled it down to several points:

Most tgirls have the Prim and proper Preppy college girl / school girl / or college slut outlook some grow past this and try other personas 


For a while I was heavily stuck on the girl next door ideal and tried so hard to be everything I imagine a girl next door type would be  

I think this is where I am mostly now elegant grown up and ever so sophisticated or so I thought 

I really wanted to be this grown up chick who knew her mind but it turns out I am just like every other tgirl with clothes, sex and....

...what we all yearn for the most the thing we never ever admit the thing that makes us blush with real shame and we just do not care how we get there a cock, a dildo, someones hand we are all every single tgirl if she was able to be as honest and as direct as this post would admit that she wants to have / experience a real female orgasm we all long to feel like this women it might be fake but what she is portraying is what we all want.

Admit it ladies you all want to feel like her...

to scream and squeal in passion 

to have your eyes roll back and to scream as you reach heights you never thought possible to moan like a bitch on heat to pound and grind your pussy into what ever it is that makes you feel this way

to throw your head back in total abandonment and let what ever happens happen 

Is there a single tgirl here that feels different?


  1. What makes me tick is imagining that every minute of my day I'm a sophisticated, elegant, self-confident, well-dressed woman (like in the 5th pic above) - looking, thinking, and acting the part.

    What makes me cum is fantasizing about seducing lovers (men, women, tgirls) with my looks, charm, sensuality and having them fulfill my every erotic fantasy and sexual desire.