Monday, 4 April 2011

It made me think

As you all know I have been set a challenge by Mr Black. I have completed the challenge and I am awaiting my review from Mr Black.

Having spoken at length withMr Black the common link between most girls is that we have to work and one thing I did notice is the lack of fashion sense with some of you girls. Tgirls and Genetic Girls alike. The clumsy way in which you have all tried to dress for work.

So with that in mind I have compiled a handy what to wear to work - to feel safe and comftable, yet still pleases the boss and can be used as going out wear after work.

Starting with one of my faves shoes:

Girls it must be heels and please lets not switch between trainers / plimsols or flats - Heels heels heels it is really that simple - learn to strut your stuff in them or you will never get a man.

Have a selection suede dusty pinks, blacks, bright colours only in the height of summer with a matching bag. Browns are ok also - NO to white unless you are on holiday. Always have a very girly pair to help femm a more masculine outfit.

Outfits always wear a skirt there are only a few exceptions to this rule. The skirt must be a pencil skirt it can be slightly above the knee or below it but never a micro or mini skirt. 

If the skirt is girly stick to a simple or bold top. 

White cotton blouses are a must and remember you want them flouncy and girly. 

If you must wear trousers make sure the top is as femm as possible and as revealing remember your boss likes to look at pretty girls don't disappoint 

If you have the legs then shorts and a very cute blouse are a must for the summer a tiny belt and tie detail help make the look more femm and a little more professional 

Capri's are also expectable but they must be form fitting 

High wasited pencil skirts really help show off your figure and make more of your hips very useful tip for tgirls - lighter coloured skirts work well. 

Every now and then your boss will need you to dress to impress perhaps transition from a late meeting to an early drink and dinner after work with his clients - keep it simple elegant and femm 

This is one of the few outfits that work with trousers the belt and shoes match this is done to highlight the long legs and the dark colour of her chinos make her legs look longer and thiner the top is ever so cute and femm and balances out the masculinity of her trousers a perfect combo.

Several trench coats are a must always tie the belt to show off your slim waist

Dress down Friday's only if the boss insists and only if you are going out with the girls later. 

 Simple work bags room for everything you need plus your notebook ipad and sirs favourite gum and other treats learn what he likes and keep a supply
For those firls that need a more work bag or perhaps a laptop bag this is cute and adorable and has room for everything you need without looking horrid. 

 Foundation garments are very important you must always have a spare pair of knickers in your handbag you never know when sir will need to use you and you must always look divine.

Very cute but almost impossible to pull off if you are not thin and very hippy

Works well in the morning and as sleep wear very versatile 

 A great choice for those that need a little support and control

One of my faves very sheer and can fold up very small I have been rescued by these knickers and bra set several times when stopping out over night you can pack them away into a coat pocket

Stunning for night wear but can be a little overkill for the day underyour office clothes

Elegant sexy and simple 

These two are for the boss that likes a little kink that wet look is sooooo yummy and everso naughty 


  1. You're always thinking of your fellow gurls arent you Tabby...thank you for the guide :)
    and how was the photo shoot??

  2. Some good stuff here, but I hardly think I count as one of those silly mismatched gurls.

    also, add colour much? lol you're awesome.

  3. I love business clothes, especially the ones that mix femme and menswear - tweed, pinstripes, houndstooth with lace or silk, pants and stilettos, white buttonup shirts with shirts and hose and heels.

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