Friday, 8 April 2011


I love playing with my hair but I also adore short hair on girls. Which is why I have short hair. 
This is my current hairstyle a little bit too boyish so I have been thinking what style to go for.

I have collected several pixie style hair cuts for you all to comment on. I have commented next to each image my thoughts and likes and dislikes. I want to book a hair appointment tomorrow and really not sure what to do. 

yummy perhaps I should go blonde?

So cute but I am not sure I can pull off hair this short

oh such yummy divine-ness adorable but my hair is too short - should I grow it out?

I love this but can I pull it off?

such a perfect women - I am soo not going to pull her style off 

Pretty close to my hair now

not sure I like this

Too much I am not sure this would work everyday

I really like this cut



girls let me know


  1. I like photos 1, 2, 7, and 12.

  2. Short hair on girls is awesome, it really shows they have confidence - you've got such girlish features that you could pull it off.

    Bobs are a bit boring, you need to dress it up like the one above the horrid image for it to look good (that one looks fantastic). Or you can go straight, black and dom - I don't think that's you though.

    I also like the horrid one - it's very boyish, yet obviously a girl - I love that androgyny.

    Where do you get your hair done? I goto Rush, that's boy me, but they mainly do women's.

  3. You should be asking my permission and suggestions on this issue. You know there are employment policies you have to take into account.

  4. I think that if you had it short for a long time then you should grow it out to try something new and different.

  5. Personally I love your hair the way it is. Your so sexy the way you are right now it's absolutely irresistible. I really wish I had someone like you here with me.

  6. If your boss agrees, I think you could pull off the Keira Knightly one. I think you have a nice hair style now though.

  7. If you're think of changing your hairstyle then I like 5 and 12.
    I think you could pull off number 5 but you might want to lighten your hair first and then get the right hightlights applied to it to get the right look. See what your hairdresser thinks. Hope you have a good one.

  8. go blonde it will suit you
    if you combine your eyes with a blonde look
    you will have a killer look
    dont take offence but try smiling more on your pictures
    a smile is always something to look for

  9. Blonde could definitely be interesting, and they do say they have more fun ;) but you look totally amazing as you are so don't feel you have to change xx

  10. Photo number 3 is very cute.

  11. I think the same as Natalie. if you want to risk the blonde is the better but you are fantastic now.

  12. I like # 2,4 and #10. I would like to let mine grow out this year and have it style like Kati Couric's on CBS evening news.

  13. Tabby you look AMAZING!!! OMG!!!
    I'm still in denial about my sissiness sometimes, and if I saw you in the street when in denial I would do a double-take and think WOW what a babe! I have read your blog since the beginning (you'll find a couple of old posts) and think you look STUNNING! You are on an amazing journey - with ups and downs I know - but be assured, you look FANTASTIC! I don't post often, but Tabby...WOW!....Susannah x

  14. tabby where are you you havent posted for a while that mr black is overworking you

  15. I love a girl with short hair. Makes them so cute. Sometimes makes the girl vulnerable and sometimes makes the girls look like a pixie.