Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More on Miss Midleton

A few readers in New York have asked me to post a few more pictures of Kate and comment on her clothing - apparently New York society is all a flutter the preppy set are dying to look like Kate and get her look...

She is slender but a little hippy and her thighs need work but her looks do work she can look a little frumpy sometimes.

I adore this look on her I think her hips work, her boots help to make her look longer and slim her legs. truly yummy - I wish she would do something with her hair

Works well but I hate the shoes 

I adore tweed - I am a country girl at heart but this is awful her thighs are far too fat and the position she is in does nothing for her

too frumpy 

Much better but heels darling you need heels 

love it - but a chunky belt with have really helped

no disaster 

Great outfit hate the boots and hat

Kate darling you score a 5 out of 10 - with your connections you should be at least an 8 you need a Miss Jones make over - call me 


  1. No way, you're a country girl? Anyway, great taste as always, although I disagree with the hat - hats are cool.

    I think I could do with a Miss Jones makeover...

  2. Yes Hats are cool but the right hat on the right head sweetie. happy to help with your make over.

  3. Ay way banter and bicker all you like you two, our Kate is already working with Mr Black at the estate in Oxfordshire on thursday afternoons. You will start to see the new girl emerging soon.

    I am sure you will approve.

  4. She looks good. For the most part I agree with your comments, especially the one where she is sitting down on some weird pole. ;-) Not the best pose or look.

    The hat is funny looking. It reminds me of a witch.

    Being almost royalty, she should look impeccable everyday. The public demands it!

  5. The hat is quirky looking, but I kinda like that :)