Saturday, 2 April 2011

What I love about being femm

There are many facets that I adore about being femm - I think the most potent for me is the feeling of submission, perhaps also the feeling of being feline - does that make sense? 

I am about to leave my flat well in the next 15mins and meet with a semi professional photographer friend of mine. He works in a Digital Agency and is extremely creative he has promised to help me with my 'Mr Black Challenge' He has even found a location to do the shoot. 

I have purchased the clothing as directed by Mr Black but I have found that I have gone a little bit traditional with the outfits. I am not sure why.

I wanted to get into the mood for the shoot as you all know I have been a little upset recently with my job problems, coming out fully and generally all the issues associated with that. I just can not motivate myself so I thought what better way to get into the spirit of things prove to Mr Back I am worthwhile and explore my feelings than talking to you all. 

I think every little girl grows up wanting to be a ballerina - I wonder what that feels like (Genetic Girls tell us tgirls who are less fortunate what does being someone's little princess is like) 

I adore the notion of being at the centre of it all. 

shopping, fashion, shoes and matching handbags - oh and legs to die for giggle. 

Being girly with friends - shopping, lunching, coffee mornings oh how I wish I knew what they talked about and how they behaved I wish I had a circle of girl friends 

Summer is coming and everywomen I know is dieting for their bikini beach bod - the rituals women go through seem to make them more femm more womenlike and are more fun and more sensual than mens rituals - again I would love to hear from GG's tell us tgirls what rituals you found increased the sense of femm-ness. 

Holiday romances sooo powerful so brief and so much fun. Girls seem to have so much more fun 

Nights out - not paying for anything and just letting men lust after you - paying for everything so they can get into your knickers.

Fashion - being sexy being ever so cute

but most of all I love the idea of femm naughtyness 

Wish me luck I am off to the shoot - the good news is my friend is a whizz with photoshop so any unsightly features will be removed giggle.


  1. ooo best of luck Tabby! and we can't wait to see the results!

  2. Good luck with the shoot Tabby. Are you going to do video as well? You have killer legs and we'd love to see you sashaying around in those sexy black heels and a little micromini dress!

  3. Tabby - I appreciate the diligence with which you are approaching this your challenge. It has an air of organised proffesionalism that any employer would be proud to have in his company. I think the resulting elegantly styled Miss Jones will draw confidence from the experience and have no problem finding in herself the assurance to seek out and embrace the perfect job.

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