Friday, 1 April 2011

Thank you all for your support

Thank you girls for all your support. I wanted to expand a little on what who and why. You all know me I have chatted about my feelings for a long time.

The challenge Mr Black set me and my desire for acceptance and my desperate need in being a women has led me to reveal my true self. I am now going to reveal something else I have hidden from you all dear friends and for this I again ask for your love and compassion. 

I wish to be impossibly thin and cute. To my regular readers this is nothing new but I also want to have a real flower between my legs (not a literal flower but a women's sexual organs) I want to be smooth. I want to take a man into me and feel him I want my womb to encase his cock, I want to feel his veins his heat his lust his desire I want him to bite at my nipples and thrust into me. To feel him shudder and release himself to be his vessel.  

I sooo want to be used and owned by a man - to my shame I know this is against who I want to be a free women but my needs over whelm me and my fear of letting go and being truly someones toy, someones plaything makes me hide away - but my needs push me to admit I want to be her I need to be her. 

I want you all to be the girls you have always wanted to be


  1. Your email isn't on your profile but I do have an idea to share so drop me a line at amourthemerrier2 (at) Cheers!

  2. I commend you for taking such a bold step. Not everyone can be so honest about desires. You have taken many more steps than most, yet you admit by doing this you still have more growth to experience. I personally thank you for being so forthcoming.

    As for your looks, I must say you are very attractive! I can easily be envious of you!