Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The journey to a tgirl wedding

Since everyone is talking about weddings I thought I would share with you all a Tgirls journey to her wedding day.

One day you try on perhaps your mothers clothes or sisters and your hooked you can not understand why you blush with shame everytime you think about it. Each time you slip into your sisters knickers and cum you burn with sham. You promise yourself it was the last time but you know it will come back that desire that need to be femm.

You start off alone hiding from the world playing with yourself some get lucky and manage to stop but for most of us the need gets stronger - some of us make friend.... 

...and we explore each other dressing as school girls or maids 


Some of us learn to need cock


at first her cock is divine you take it and purr like a wanton slut but slowly it is not enough and you yearn for more you want real women and men to see you to explore you and to use you

He finds you in a club one night and like some cheap whore you drop to your knees and take his cock

The shame burns through you but you finally admit to yourself that you loved it and you need more 
you try to make the act as femm as possible 

but you know that you are on a path that leads to submission and desire at this stage the cute girls go on but the ugly ones well they split off and their journey ends here they become a fag or a submissive to a genetic women and spend their time licking pussy...


The cute girls get cuter and some even start hormone treatment they start to grow ultra sensitive breasts and are permanently on heat

their desires grow stronger with each months worth of hormone they take sucking cock is not enough anymore, cum becomes one of their main meals 


they start to push their boundaries and explore themselves and their femm selfs. Submission and a control starts to fill their minds they start to meet masters and mistresses and they are introduced to a whole new world



One evening it finally happens the last remaining element of man hood is forced out of their bodies by a fat cock pushed and pounded into their ass pussies 

from that day onwards she can only think of cock the bigger the better 


All you want is this

finally she finds a master that works for her and she begins to fall in love he is wealthy and entertaining and divine she needs him and wants to please him soooo much


She needs him inside her all the time. He uses her and she loves him for it - every now and then he lends her out to his friends they use her harshly but she never complains she wants to please 

some times her master wants to fuck a real girl but also wants you to watch you adore him and wish you could service him better


You start to make friends with other women tgirls and genetic girls alike - at the tennis club the riding club the country club you explore these new experiences and they explore you


You learn from these women and you improve you become more femm more elegant more sophisticated 


you start to explore your cravings and make use of his resources. You take many male and female lovers 


You start to explore your masters tastes and your new confidence and experiences help to make wild nights wilder


You start to mis-behave and your master gets angry and tries to control you by forcing you to be his maid and lowering your standing in society 


then one day he calls you into his study and collars you and tells you to plan your wedding you burst into tears and call all your friends - coffee mornings planning dresses at all goes in whirl wedding day underwear, honeymoon underwear you mind races

your girlfriend offer help and opinions 

this is stunning they all purr

no it must have a garter you whine

this is sexier Tabby hun honest they purr

the bridesmaids underwear has to be this they all cooo

But you hate them looking better than you so you make them all wear something that is almost impossible to get away with 

the wedding dresses which one what style - it must be white the girls giggle at you and you blush and tell them to stop being cows





Finally you find the perfect dress all the girls jump with glee and clap tears are shed your sissy clit twitches and dampens your panties.

You plan out every detail every outfit the perfect babydoll for the morning coffee and breakfast on the balcony of the hotel then a cute vest dress and knee highs for the next morning

You plan each nights clothing from the vamp to the utter sexual to sensual 


your girl friends are utterly envious of you 

You also pack stunning underwear for the trip home

The day finally arrives and your maid of hounor makes love to you one final time before you become sirs wife sirs pet, sirs toy. 


  1. I hope my blog helped you and inspired you into this matrimonial frame of mind.

    No Mr Black will not marry you, well not at the moment anyway.

  2. What a wonderful illustration of a dreamy journey!

  3. Absolutely fabulous story from beginning to end!

  4. Completely fantastic. Thank you Mr Black, you are one in a million xx

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