Friday, 1 April 2011

New Me New Name

I am so touch by the responses. It really has made me think I need to grow up a little and part of that growth I feel is this little question. Should I change my rather childish and girly name to a more grown up name?

I am still feeling a little freaked out, but I am trying to hold things together.

What do you all think of Miss Porter Jones?

If you have a better idea pls comment and let me know


  1. i think your readers are touched by your honesty and your sharing!

    ooo it's SO hard to give advice on a name because it's so personal...
    but maybe..just maybe Portia Jones? it sounds to me more feminine, fitting for you!

  2. I love the name Tabitha. If you feel that isn't who you're turning out to be, you're in the position to mold your whole persona, so it's up to you really.


  3. I think that you should stick with Tabitha.

    If your going to change your name though make sure that it is something distinctly feminine and as gorgeous as you.

  4. I am inclined to agree - the name Tabitha is original, delightful and unique. Just like you.