Monday, 4 April 2011

The Princess - feels what its like to be a tgirl

Any honest and true tgirl right now is dreaming of being Miss Middleton - imagine being turned into a princess over night. Being a bride is amazing imagine being her. The clothes, the parties, the sex...

I adore her she is stunning and ever so prim I wonder what she is really like would she be, could she be Tabby's friend? 

She will be on show from now on how will she deal with people pointing and monitoring what she is going to wear - just like a tgirl  

Is she thin enough, femm enough?

Can she pull of the casual look 

And the country look 

Can she walk in heels

The Princes servants will have to break her in just like a master break a tgirl to make sure she is worthy and suitable toy for her master

Can she pass the princes and pony club test 

Will she learn to behave 

and finally will the prince take her like this 

hands up girls how many of you want to be Miss Kate Middleton right now....


  1. Welllllll since you put it that way Tabby pick me pick me!

  2. My hand is raised. She is so pretty and fit and welldressed. Imagine the life - world travel, gorgeous clothes, servants, fabulous wine and food.