Monday, 13 December 2010

What we all secretly hope, yearn, need and desire

Sorry girls been a little while. I have been walking the corridors of power trying to find the answers that you sissy fags want. Every Tgirl at some point has asked why - who - when and you want to put that up my bum (oh my perhaps that is just me giggle - blush) 

Well girls I have distilled the essence of tgirl - ness and it boils down to this ladies grab a hold of your panties, pick up your purses and strut this way... 

It seems we all want to be a wanton slut to suck a cock and just to be ever so naughty and girly. 

You all want to be part of a girly group and perhaps explore a little of each other

A little surprising but we all seem to want to be a home body and to lie on the sofa and watch TV while being playfully sensual alone or with company. 

To be brave and powerfully femm to feel so comfortable in one owns skin that posing like this comes naturally - imagine girls imagine being her so strong so confidant so womanly 

To have girlfriends and to have sleep overs and to be ever so girlie - many of you mentioned dressing like a women among women was sooo important to feeling real 

To be fucked and to bite your bottom lip - you are all whores blush giggle. 

To explore the exotic 

To be a bride

To absolutely be aware of the moment and to wait and feel that yearning that need

to have a girlfriend that understands 

To be the slut at the Christmas party

Wow girls I must admit to having had all of those thoughts thank you for your feedback. 


  1. Love it! So many truths here, that's for sure. I feel so happy dressed with my besties! Girl talk, shopping, and coming to the realization that my sistas and I are all equally submissive and even share recurring fantasies of being gangbanged. All good stuff!

  2. Wow. Very nice. Dress as girl among girls is the best.

  3. Oh did I fall asleep and e-mail you all my dreams last night? I could have sworn you hit them all on the head! :giggles: Yummy Yummy for the tummy!

  4. I loved it, so many truthes.

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  6. I'd like to be a "regular" woman. To wake up in the morning and get dressed for work, to shop with girlfriends, to have a man treat me to romantic weekends, to experience emotional and physical love.

  7. Elise hun I agree. Kisses and hugs to you all.

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