Monday, 20 December 2010

More thin Girls I wish to be

Thin girls can stand in a way that is sooo yummy 

They can wear anything

They look yummy anywhere 

They are soooo sexy

But most of all they make skinny jeans and boots look amazing - giggle - girls do not lie to me how many of you want to look good in skinny jeans and boots!


  1. Although it is obvious that within the world of fashion; underweight girls are favourable, in the real world the ideal of sexuality is optimised by a healthy, curvy and womanly figure..

    Is there anything more feminine than the curve of a hip, or the roundness of a tight bum? Don't aspire to be asexual and android-like, such as is the way for so many woman recently. Embrace your sexuality, and let it develop and shape who you are as a person. X