Friday, 31 December 2010

Thin Girls

For those that follow my blog you may know about my recent weight loss and pic I have posted. I have also booked some professional shots (well sort of my friend is studying photography) which I will post once I have them back in the new year. 

I just feel being thin adds to my femininity.

I love this girl her thighs are so thin. 

Thin and healthy gives a girl such a glow. Be honest girls you all wish you looked like this?

Being thin allows you to wear what you want and makes anything you wear look great. 

Which one do you prefer 

She is such a cool and beautiful women

Great legs

I soooooo want to be her

Stunning thin and womanly such envy - I am blushing

Being thin means you get to be popular and go to all the right parties

Being thin means you can be anything you want to be


  1. I know this is heresy, but I like Hippy Girl in the Deep Purple top. Loves me some Kelly Osbourne, too. Yeah,...I said it,...her legs, especially. So round (and firm from holding up the rest of her). I like the way Tabby looks, but don't feel like you have to waste away. Also, thin is not so great for sex. A boy can get hurt banging his bone into an exposed hip bone. Just sayin'.

  2. But having a curvy and womanly body like j-lo or beyonce is what's sexy.. Surely? X

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