Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday dreams

I find Sundays hard. I really am pushing my diet hard now I really want to go to my Sisters house and look stunning. My Mum will be there. 

I am not sure if the lack of food is making me dizzy and a little well horny giggle. 

I have selected these images to express the week I am going to be a way. I have also been busy packing my case for next week. I am looking forward to be with my sister. 

I have selected some yummy clothes so that we can have an amazing time. 
I love this dress it's stunning so well made and flattering

I wanted a more traditional look for certain days less glam more sensual

Amazing body shaping undies makes me look sooo thin

Girly PJ's a must for a sleep over

During the day glam it up

I adore this dress sooo girly so cute and so innocent

Some yummy undies 

No all you doubting thomas's I managed to get down to a size 8 I have grown my hair and just feel amazing. I really can not wait to show off my new bod. 

I will be getting some more yummy shots done by my friend. Girls tell me what you think am I hot? DO I make you wet? Giggle. I feel soooo sexual so girlie so thin. I cut out all dairy and moved onto soya I spent hours in yoga lessons and training and cut down on anything that built muscle mass and concentrated on repetition. 

I have a lot of friends to thank for helping me get down to a size 8.

I feel so sensual I want to suck cock, I want to show off and be femm for a man

I want to be bent over the arm of a sofa tied and ready for abuse 

I want a man with a huge fucking cock 

It is amazing what losing so much weight can do I stare at myself for hours knowing that I look stunning looking for any horrid bumps where there should be none. I was thinking as I packed my case and then re-packed my case women have so many tools to help them present themselves. 

It is almost as if we are gift wrapping ourselves...Women feel this less because when they are 
un-wrapped they still hold the power - we tgirls are less powerful when completely exposed...

I love her stance so proud so strong - yet her garter and white underwear says I am yours a gift and I am pure make me yours...

These images again show a women as a gift but these are darker the choice of black underwear the masks the corsets all point to the women having had a history but she is saying I know I am not pure but I will offer you experience and sensuality, I will be a slut for you.

A collar or chocker also adds to the submissiveness of your outfit

A corset and lace bodice adds to the overall feeling of captivity 

I wish I had a pussy....

I adore this body the cut of the shorts and the slight flare is sooo yummy. 

I have spent a lot of time looking at blogs - thin blogs. I have learnt a lot about weight loss and have selected some of the girls from the blogs that have inspired me. 

Stunning UK girl so sensual so thin. 

I love this girl could she be any more perfect

Wow I can understand her confidants she is so thin and perfect she can wear a bikini to work and complete it with a blazer and she looks stunning

I adore her a real trap 

Perfect body and legs

So yummy 

Her thighs are so thin and perfect 

So yummy I adore thin girls so sexy

a gaggle of thin girls showing off 

Thin and pert soooo sensual so sexual sooo perfect 

could her legs be any better?

sheer perfection

My wish list for 2011

1. lose a little more weight
2. Become a pet to a sexy thin girl 
3. Grow my breasts to a least a c cup
4. Find the secret club I hear so much about 
5. Look as hot as her in a collar. 


  1. Tabby,

    i think you look great in that picture, just a great shape and size. Don't lose anymore though


  2. Smashing pic of you, vamp. Wow, and that's from someone who doesn't identify exclusively fem.

    Also the pic of airplane girl playing with his tie,...Champagne glass breasts,...slight sheen on her nipple,...So inviting and in need of a mile-high drilling.

  3. that picture cant possibly be you! You look sooo hot!! I want to see more!!!

  4. Ohh Tabby - you look AMAZING!!
    you look like one of those thin girls you love so much!

    And great picks as usual especially that very first dress!

  5. wow you are hot, that is a really good look you have going on in that pose

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