Wednesday, 15 December 2010

short story - shame

Giggle stop it Steve I am going to get my top and skirt messy. 
Ok Stacy ok... You know... Stacy I find it amazing that under all that makeup you are really Kevin. Dude we grew up together we have been neighbours for ever and here you are looking like a...a.. sexy school girl and I am doing you a favour and helping you paint your room....

What would the guys at school say.

Steve please we discussed this no one knows not even my mum and dad...

Giggle stope it STEVE please 

Sorry Stacy I...I... am well I am... need to 
Steve please
Your mind races as steve flips your skirt up and grips your ass cheek

His finger slowly slide into your crack and you can feel him applying pressure to your rosebud you purrr your body fails you and you react like a little wonton whore 

Steve smiles and without warning pulls his jeans away and stabs at your hole

Pulling at your snarling and grunting he pounds the boy out of you 

He pulls you to your knees and forces his cock into your mouth

He fucks your face pulling at your hair 

you let out a little moan as you soil your panties with your sissy cum

Steve's cum hits the back of your throat and you gag the cum leaks from your mouth and onto your chin steve holds your head and laughs 

you lower your head and cry in shame 


  1. A very hot cap/story. umm.. school girl outfits. :-)

  2. Love a man that knows what he wants and takes it. Wish i had lots of friends and neighbors like Steve.

  3. oh yes is there anything more sissy than a lil slutty schoolgurl outfit - except maybe being taken in one!

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