Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Images from readers

Hi all I have an overflowing pantie draw giggle a little like my inbox you all seem to love sending images to me and asking me to comment. Some of you have been getting a little too carried away recently. Please lets try and be a little lady like...giggle..

Love all things kitten girls guys I adore this any of you have kitten images let me know

fat black cock = yummy 

I adore her eyes in this shot and that cock 

Not sure I like this shot 

So sexy why does a brief glimpse make the whole thing so sensual?

I want to be her

Giggle thank you Mr Hugo

I am not sure why everyone fussy about Paris she is the girl I wish I could be - Rich, blonde and full of cum giggle 

Oh to have those legs 

I want to be someones pet sooooo much it hurts

So sexy

Love this so exposed so humiliating so prone

I would dress so well for my husband and the moment he came home I would hand him a whiskey and settle him into his armchair and then ride his cock let him rid himself of anger, frustration etc and then I would stand place my panties in the correct position smooth my skirts and adore the sensations of his cum running down the inside of my thigh as I cooked his evening meal

I want to scream out in pleasure 

So cute 

Why do I want to be an air hostess so much girls, guys fags and sissy's send me all the hostess pics you can 

Now you are being silly 

Love her look

Find her sissy clit 

More cats purrrr

I adore this girls body I soo wish I was as toned 

Yummy thank you yes please 



Oh my I adore pics of girls bitting their lips 

I adore shots of older women showing younger women how to suck cock 

So real which makes it so sexy

The girls dorm room - purrr

Can this girl get any more elfish and cute 

Oh my I have made a little mess in my panties - just look at this shot - the possibilities 

Pertness at its best


Women in the throes of orgasm is sooo intoxicating 

Adorable body and legs 

She looks naughty like she has just been fucked and is on the way back to her hotel to sleep

I love this shot she looks like she is trading her slave for another 

Ohh be still my heart

where ever women needs to be 

Yes watch your friend satisfy him and then she will watch you get fucked 

So sexy

Real women in real photographs are soooo much more sexy

Spanking time 


  1. omg what a sexy collection now my head is spinning and my lil panties are damp!!