Thursday, 23 December 2010

Can Tgirls be sexist

Hi my darlings. 

Can Tgirls be sexist? Let me first warn you all I am a little tipsy - one glass of wine too many giggle. I have had a wonderful chat with my sister and she has accused me of being sexist. 

I am now sitting in my room in my nightie thinking - I think I think too much giggle. She has accused me of being un women like because I am such a - sub / submit to men to easily / dream about being a play thing etc. 

I accused her of having the same fantasies she refused to accept my point. So I have compiled a number of images and like the BBC I will attempt neutrality.

I love this image and the strap line someone has added. Yes it is sexist and I would suggest racist also. I do find it sexy and I do wish I was that girl. Or rather I was in that girls position. Does that make sense? 

I love the idea of an older women teaching a younger women how to suck cock. This is sooo sexy and sooo divine I love both women's look. The younger girl is stunning and her eyes so innocent and the little tiny mole on her chin makes it yummy. 

She almost looks like a boy with her hair cut. I find it very well blushing now because if I am totally honest I wish it was me and the older women was my sister and I was being shown how to blow a guy. 

OMG - my sister will be calling me up over that one!

I am not sure if this image is sexy - is it because it is Emma Watson? Or is this more about envy. We can see her at her best and her we see her not so much her worst but rather her most exposed. ww

I love this shot or series I imagine all girls to be like this to lick the cum from their lips. Yes it is sexist and yes it is demeaning but we (women do it all over the world - strong women do it sub women do it it is because we are designed to be the taker and men the giver and that always puts us on the back foot) 

So are beauty pageants sexist? 

Does a women dressing as a man mean she is behaving incorrectly

What comes to your mind when you see this pic. I must admit I want to be her my weight causing me to slide down onto his cock is that wrong? Is that causing women's movements to slide back a decade? 

Why do younger girls try to express themselves sexually - We know nature must take it's course - does that mean as a tgirl I am an anathema to nature....

Is she?....

my last thought on the subject is that I never expected to find men attractive the more hormones I took the more I led the life of a tgirl then eventually a women it became wrong not to lust after guys. I still love women but I think I prefer boyish girls. 


  1. Your need to be subservient, to submit, isn't social. It's personal. Sexism and racism are views of large groups of people - social. A dom/sub relationship is only about a few people at a time,...I hope. If your top/bottom encounters are with less than say 5 people, it's not a statement on female status, it's just you getting your groove on.

    LBGT folks seem to be asking for equal, courteous and respectful consideration from others,...why not the same for black people? It seems street-smart to assume a white girl with a black man will be beaten, pregnant or put out on a corner to make money for her Easy Rider, but maybe they're just a couple who fancy each other,...just regular shmoes with a bit of jungle fever. It'd be nice if we assumed the BEST of folks we don't know, instead of jumping to stereotypes.

    I think LBGT is the pc term for gay, lesbian, bi and trans-gendered people in the States. What is it in Great Britain?

    Hope your visit with kin is going well. Merry Christmas to you and to all in your circle, here on the blog.


  2. Celia, thank you for your thoughts, comments and ideas. I must admit that I do not really care what skin colour / race or background the person is. I do think though there is a fetish that I enjoy which is explained by my need to be a submissive and somehow I feel more sub to a black guy? Does that make sense.

    Celia I would adore it if we could be friends - do tell me all about you.

    Love Tabby

  3. Well, you are a sweetheart and I think I can trust you with what comes from my deepest heart. You're a funny mix of bold adventuress and sentimentalist,...not afraid to post the conflict of coming out to family,...or put up a pic of the strapping black fellow pole-carrying the white chick to the bed. Btw, I identify with the guy. At one time, my butt dimpled that way. I'm on the level about femm feelings, tho. They may be slightly stronger than the male in me, but my body is too male. I have a 53 inch chest, very little gut for my age and enjoy being the devil who makes a woman come. There is no way I could pass for femm. Maybe that's why I was so taken by your story. Are you considering surgery? For Heaven's sake don't starve! Men like a little beef. Anyway, wearing or imagining female clothing on me is very exciting, but I've never really owned much, never gone out wearing it. I love lipstick! Wearing it, but also seeing and kissing women all glammed. I almost don't want to kiss her lips, just marvel at her perfect pout (and kiss other parts of her). I really like being a male in bed with a female. And her lips don't have to be red. I'm constantly amazed at how sexy and inventive ladies can be with their make-up. So, there's a thumbnail. I'd like to send those screen caps from the Coco movie. I also made a couple of TG Caps,...would like your opinion and if they pass muster, you may post them. Like my Bugs Bunny profile pic? I went looking for Drag Bugs and fully 1/3 of his cartoons had some cross-dressing in them. I'd love to correspond. Let me know how.


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