Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Short Story - Fresher's Night

Hi my name is Martha I am a Harvard Graduate from the class of 2005. I am currently also the Queen of Beta Pi Sorority House. I am married to my college boyfriend who is a senator and a very powerful man. 

Every Year the girls from Transform High "Where bad boys are turned into good girls" leave their  beloved school. 

Over the years they have been turned into perfect virginal sluts. With perfect bodies and wanton minds. The school is careful to train them to be perfect women with a little something extra between their legs. 

The school has been set up to transform sissy boys into preppy school girls who then go onto Harvard. A little know secret but most sons of powerful men at Harvard worry about their sons making girls pregnant so they organised and set up Transform High for one purpose only to let their sons fuck through college without any potential pregnancy issues. 

So every year the cream of the crop girls, the best looking the most intelligent and the most sexually desperate are sent to Harvard with one simple instruction explore your femininity!

The girls all join the same sorority which has been set up to protect them and allow them to run parties, events and have their boyfriends stay over. The sorority is called Beta Pi 

The are several fresher's parties and by far the wildest is the Beta Pi girls party. 

As I walked around the party fending of boys who were too drunk to tell me apart from the cute young girls. I was old enough to be their mothers - giggle well almost I thought to myself and then bit my lip as I watched Karl a bit of a hunk grab Stacy...

...Stacy was one of the best looking girls ever to graduate from Transform High she was slim athletic and very femm. She loved the way her body felt. She loved the way her body reacted to the smell of a guy. She adored their musky scent and the way their bodies were shaped. I could tell I was just like her when I came here for my first year. 

She danced with Karl and rubbed her sexy ass in his groin...

Kathy and Lisa needed a little more courage and started drinking...
I whispered into their ears and they blushed and nodded and wondered off in search of cock as per my instructions. 

Caitlin the fat girl of the group tried so hard to get a guy interested but Emma who was always a bit of a bitch would lift her t-shirt and show off her flat tummy and the guys would ignore Caitlin. I Stood by her and said Caitlin darling no one wants a fat girl... 

The music played the drinks flowed and the girls settled in for a fun evening.  

Angela as always was right in the middle of the party she was gyrating and rubbing herself against the guys. 

Little Nikki was in a corner and she was sitting on her boys lap and rubbing her asspussy hard onto his cock. 

I walked into the smaller party room and blushed as I watched my adopted daughter a cute red head a named Porsche lift her tiny preppy college skirt and pull aside her panties and then impaled herself on Jason's cock. 

I watched for a while as my adopted daughter bounced up and down on the boys cock she squealed and gasped like she had been taught too. She looked over her shoulder and spotted me. 

She blushed and bit her lip and mouthed hello mum. I smiled and gave a little wave...

I turned around and walked back to the main room to
see Claire on her knees sucking cock.  

I had helped several groups of girls make the transition. This group was special they were really exploring and making a name for themselves on campus. 

I walked back into the smaller room to find my adopted daughter being face fucked by her boy. 

I walked around the the Beta Pi house to find girls in all states of undress being watched while being fucked. 

I stepped outside for some fresh air. The night was hot and humid the smell of sex was strong and mingled with the smell of the rouse gardens that surrounded the house. 

My little sissy clit twitched at the musty mix of smells and I purred to myself as my nipples became erect and were teased by the breeze. 

I stepped back into the house and walked through the kitchen and then back into the smaller room my daughter was now being fucked by her man. I watched and blushed as I imagined myself in her shoes all those years ago. My sissy clit twitched under my impossibly tight little black dress and I fingered the pearls around my sensual neck and licked my lips. 

My daughter flung her head back and purred like a wanton hussy I knew at that moment this girl would have fun she would have her sissy clit inside her friends pussies and her pussy filled with cock. 

I leaned against the door frame and watched as my Daughters lover flipped her over and started to fuck her hard, each thrust sent her tiny breasts on a charming little arc. 

I stood in front of her and she looked at me and smiled like a gutter cat she really was a wild one. I blushed with pride. 

The crowd had gathered around the couple and I could see the little asian girl from my daughters class with Steve a large jock from texas. I smiled at her she gently curtsied to me and smiled back 

My daughter was now on her knees and sucking he rmans cock she milked his balls hard and I watched intently this girl could teach me a thing or two I said to myself. 

She leaned forward eager to eat his cum....

With her prize now on disply she licked the cum from her lops and face and purred. I left the party feeling horny and in need of cock...


  1. Nice hot story, I could really see myself as Porsche taking that cock, sucking on its head and licking up all the cream!

  2. Not sure if a college audience around me would add to the thrill,...some slacker may pick up a rock and assault my Bentley,....but I really like the two pics of daughter gettin' plowed, especially her O face.

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