Monday, 20 December 2010

Short Story - Be careful what you wish for

My name is Nikki and I am a sissy cross dressing faggot. I have always been a sissy faggot. I have always dreamed of cocks. 

I am in my first year of university. I hassled my parents to send me to a US University in LA. I have my I am studying drama and I am one of 3 boys on my course. I have my own room on campus and I spend as much time dressing as I can. 

About 2 months ago I was sitting in the local student coffee shop hang out listening to groups of girls chatting - I would pretend to read but I was really watching them, studying how they move, talk and interact. I was listening to one particular group - a real prissy and stuck up group from the top female sorority. They were sooo preppy and sooo Stepford wives it made me giggle - I then blushed thinking that I would die to be anyone of those girls in their short check skirts and tight fitting polo shirts and sweaters. 

I listened more intently and almost choked on my coffee in surprise! Their leader Natalie, the most stuck up and proper college student ever was saying that last night she met with Dwayne Marshall - Dwayne was here on a football scholarship he was the best quarter back the university had ever had and was a huge man mountain. The girls drew closer to Natalie as she re-counted their love making session.

His huge, fat black cock makes me wet she purred, Oh girls I am going to get as much black cock in me before I marry a gay white boy and move to the suburbs and have his kids. The other girls giggled 

Natalie tell us more they all coo'ed 

Well he is a little rough but I like it she blushed and the girls all giggled their eyes wide open and each girl licked her lips or bit her lips as Natalie's story unfolded, each detailed made the girls shift in their seats.

I could sense a rising need inside each girl to rub their pussies and clits, their preppy white cotton calvin klien panties  were now wet from their needs.

I watched them closely some slid their hands under the table and surreptitiously tried to rub the front of their panties others stretched and then rubbed their braless pert breasts. Others bit their lips. 

I listend to Natalie's story reach it's peak she blushed and spoke in hush tones...He was sooo fucking big he slipped out of my pussy and then rammed his fat cock into my ass..

The girls all giggled.. Did it hurt? Wow how big? Did he cum in your ass? Natalie blushed at all the questions and in a low almost animalistic tone said he fucked me like I was a toy. He came on me and fucked me like an animal and it was amazing. 

I left the coffee shop and headed straight home. I lay on my bed dressed in my most girly preppy undies and with one hand I pinched my fake breasts and played with my tiny sissy clit while the other pushed a dildo into my asspussy. 

I came all over my hand and proceeded to lick my hand clean...shame set in and I pulled the covers over my head and sobbed myself to sleep. 

That was over two months ago. Today was the day, today the world would meet Nikki. More importantly today Dwayne would meet Nikki. 

I had spent thousands of dollars on spa treatment, almost stopped eating and took up yoga and a female bum tums and thighs routine to get my body looking as femm as possible. I purchased the best false breasts available and spent money on my hair. 

I even investigated the clothes Dwayne liked his girls to wear. 

Finally Saturday morning arrived I woke early bathed, scented my body and then applied the electrodes to my real nipples and then attached the other ends to the inside of the false breasts. I added the adhesive and then attached them and held them in place for a moment. 

I stood in the full length mirror naked and giggled I looked amazing my body was totally smooth except a tiny patch above my sissy clit. My blonde hair in loose pigtails gave me a a girly innocent look which I knew would be further enhanced by my outfit choice. 

I selected a pink lace thong.  I watched my reflection as I slid the tiny garment into place I wiggled my girly hips and then seated the string in-between my ass crack and then flattened the front my cock is so tiny it almost vanishes when not erect and I had long ago mastered the art of pushing my balls back into my self. 

Next a matching bra and then the tightest denim daisy dukes ever. I adore the way the shorts cupped my ass I giggled as I danced around the room. Next an impossibly tight pink t-shirt and a pair of girly sneakers and I was ready. I put on my necklace, bracelet, some bangles and touched up my makeup.

I looked a cute as a button and totally innocent. Dwayne's cock would be fit to burst I giggled, blushed and blew myself a kiss. 

I picked up my little pink rucksack and pink lollipop and skipped out of my room and headed to the park. The football team where throwing a party. They did this every year to bring out the sexiest girls and then the Alpha Males would pair off with the cutest, sexiest and newest girls. 

I skipped into the middle of the large group at it's centre the hero Dwayne with girls all hanging off him. I could see Natalie's uber chic and uber preppy and privileged group just off centre from the main group their status diminished as they were women and today was all about MEN. 

I giggled and licked my lollipop.

I watched for a moment as Natalie's little group of Stepford wives preened and oozed sexual appeal I slowed my pace and stood on my tip toes and as I had practised for hours place one foot infront of the other and strutted into the main group and stopped by Dwayne's blanket he was with several black girls a  few of his team mates and a few white girls who seemed to be at the bottom of the pecking order and were being bullied by the black girls. 

I stopped and started to dance near the group that was dancing off to the left and made sure I was as sensual as possible. 

I got shouted at by some of the other girls and some of the guys tried to dance with me. I stepped away and started to dance closer to Dwayne.

It did not take long for him to notice me and he stood up and started to dance near me I stepped closer to him a little shy and I blushed. He liked that and smiled - he seemed friendly and nice....My mind raced back several months to Natalie's stories about the size of his cock. I blushed again and he took me by the hand and led me away from the party. 

we chatted and then he leaned in to kiss me and I giggled and ran away he chased and we ran around a tree to a much quieter part of the University on campus park. 

He caught me and smiled. Man your one fine girl I smiled and giggled thank you I replied in my best bimbo voice. 

Listen girl I am hot for you shall we play 

I winked and nodded and he pushed me onto my knees 

I felt what cold only be called a pole in his loose shorts I outlined the growing beast and giggled almost in awe and a little in fear, 

We stepped over the small wall and he suddenly changed 
Bitch! Fucking hoe stop playing with it and suck the fucking beast

He pulled at his belt and buttons and pulled out what can only be called a monster cock 

He half lifted me half pulled me into the dorm rooms by the park - these were always reserved for the best ball / football players. 

I was on my knees infront of a huge man with a cock the size of my arm being pushed into my mouth - fear followed by humiliation followed by shame flooded me He reached down and pinched my fake nipples which in turn sent a small shock to my real nipples and made me purrr. My nipples were now erect and he was slowly face fucking me 

The need to breath took over the fear and shame and I leaned back and gasped for breath he laughed and thrust his cock in I gaged as he spat on his cock and rubbed his saliva into the length and said 

Now bitch it should slide down your mother fucking throat... 

I licked the length and his tip he grunted and said your some bitch 

I took his cock under my control as he sat down and drunk a beer his spat out obscenities at me my fear combined with my curiosity made me look scared and unsure he loved this and told me once I had lost my white cunt bitch virginity to him I would be his fuck toy. 

I tried soo hard to suck on his cock. He grunted at me and pulled on my hair he ripped off my t-shirt and pushed my face into his cock. 

He pulled me to my feet and pulled off my bra and shorts I stood in my thong infront of this man mountain and purred like a kitten - I slowly fell to my knees and started to worship his cock I licked it and did my best to swallow it while wanking him - he grunted and bent down and flung me on the bed

He order me to open my mouth and then unleashed a torrent of cum...

A few months later...
Natalie and I are best friends and we regularly let our master fuck us. 


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