Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Personal needs

I have met with several tgirls over the last month and as per my last post we all share somethings in common. I find that only a few of us share this particular need. 

I would be interested in hearing from my readers those willing to share but one of my needs is to be humiliated to be used to be controlled both by men, women and other tgirls although in my warped mind I have a hierarchy of domination:

1. Women
2. Men
3. Male or female slaves of my master or mistress
4. Tgirls
5. Sissy Fags / Crossdressers

Having said that I would prefer a man to fuck me then a women with a strap on. Does any of this work for you my delicious and sexy readers. 

I found these images and wanted to express my feelings I love the way the women pulls at her nipples the slave is in real pain but you can also see her need for it.

Somewhere in all that pain is pleasure and somewhere is contentment to be used to be the centre of attention 

I would love to try one of these 

I love this pose it is soooo dramatic and sexual

This is sooo wanton and the girls core is in totally abandonment 

Do tell me ladies are you in agreement - do you all need these feelings or am I and a few others alone.


  1. I have them once in awhile but they are not in my mind at all times. But then again, I'm a CD so I'm the lowest in your hierarchy. :-)

  2. All the time !!!!

    I love it when genetic girls call me a cock sucking faggot and delight in masturbating for them while dressed.

    All the while degrading me.

  3. oh no you're not alone...or at least i surely share them!!

  4. Tabby,
    Great, you're back. While you were gone, I read probably every page of your blog. You are an exceptional storyteller. No, really, you have a fearless spirit and a wildness that, well, makes me worry for your safety,..but I can't help marvel at your snap, your wit,..your way with words. Not only are you a good writer, you have a compelling story. Also, (and I hope this doesn't wierd you out), I think you are a stunning woman. Honestly, half-way through, I was saying to myself; "This is a chick. She's playing a trick on us." Don't worry, I'm too old for you and live halfway around the world from London, in Oregon USA, but we do have a connection; You posted a pic of a party dress, a white strapless (looks like chiffon) with a black belt and bow. Model looks like Kiera Knightly. I have the same photo. It's in my fashion porn too, from over a year ago. Y'see, I'm a nearly 60 year old dude, but like you, that woman is what I wish I could be. I'm enthralled because you've actually got a shot. I hope you'll have decent luck on this journey and I hope you'll let me keep up thru the blog. And I'm on the level; the few pics of yourself that you've posted have knocked me out.

    There is a movie you MUST see: Coco Before Chanel. Academy Award Nom `09 for best costumes and a riveting bio-pic. Don't know the story of Coco Chanel? - You must see this and check out a biography. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get all puddly over the fashions at the end. Be sure to watch all the backstory extras, too, because,...You're in it! Honestly, there's a young woman who's nearly your double, in the Red Carpet feature, walking the carpet at the L.A. premier. I took a couple of screen caps of her. I hope you'll let me send them.

    Oh,...and on the subject above; Shame is invigorating, the fucking machine is cool and nipples are special. Hurt them if the bottom is OK with it, but,... the teasing, the ache, of the almost non-touch can keep ladies on a light boil and that is `way fun to watch.

  5. wow thank you all for your comments and thoughts. Celia you make me blush...

  6. Submissives all have these feelings. We just want to surrender and be pushed, poked, prodded and fucked into ecstasy. That lucky girl...