Sunday, 7 February 2010

Questions, questions

I am constantly asked several questions time and time again. It does make me think that somehow most of what society deems female is wrapped up in these questions. Funny really but when I think of it in that way it does make me wonder...

Question 1

Why do tgirls love wedding dresses.
Silly really all girls adore wedding dresses - just look at these girls they are soooo divine. What is not to like.

Question 2
What turns you on
Ohh so many things but if you must know
In girls
Sexy lingerie
Full lips
Toned and slim bodies
hair pulled back
smoking girls

In guys
Toned body
not too hairy chest
strong arms
heavy fat balls
fat full cock

Question 3
Describe the perfect women physically
Wow amazing questions and ever so hard to answer.
I do think these series of images showing three different women. Each is a slight variant which I feel answers the question well.

Stunning hair
slim body but curvy womanly

Thin face amazing cheeks, eyes and lips
large -ish breasts

tall slender elegant and ever so demure

A pert bottom toned thighs

flat tummy with a little roundness
fat lips on her mound


Pert small breasts
Very petite small tight little thing
Angry hair giggle

Naughty, dangerous



Yummy girl next door

Question 4
What job would you most like to have.
This is difficult becuase if I offer my honest answer I am left a little exposed - what I mean is that I would love to be a pop star. Do very little for a lot of money giggle.

If I respond from the perspective of dressing up well it would be

Secretary or PA

But my real wish is to be a rich socialite

To winter off the coast of Jamaica, Shop in Milan, Summer in Monte Carlo
To pose for the paparazzi.

Question 5
Your fave fetish
Well to be honest it has to be being a submissive to a dom Mistress or Master.

Question 6
Who is more powerful / better / best gender.

Well this is pretty amazing question for a transgender person!
I mean really!
I was a man and want to be a women so who do you think.

I tried to answer this in the most unbiased way possible and these images help immensely

A man can not hide his excitement, he is vizierial. A women well she is everything. She can be what ever she wishes and I find these images sooo powerful

I can imagine for example she is his wife and she is wanking him off while selecting her new shoes.

I love her attitude oh ok hun I will wank you off but I do need these new shoes.

This is the same only better giggle.


  1. Tabby,

    I shouldn't be so insensitive to your later post, but you no what a horny skank I am! I hope you forgive me. This questionnaire demands a response!

    Mmm mmm mmm! Your small pert girl is so sexy. And it's no wonder you've moved if she's what the girls next door look like in your new neighborhood.

    The second to last picture is so SO! How many times I've wanted to be treated that way? I suppose it could be better if she was perusing some gay porn, maybe picking out a scene for him--me?


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