Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Short Story - Upsetting my girlfriend

I spent weeks hassling my girlfriend. I kept telling her to tell me all about her time at university and her short but very active relationship with the an All American Quarter Back that was spending a year at her UK uni.

Let me explain.

My girlfriend does not know, in fact no one knows about my alter ego. She yes thats right she is a stunning college girl called Morgan. I have been secretly cross dressing for years. I am not gay well I like to tell myself that. But for some reason I just adore dressing the the silky, lacey femm fabrics of women hood.

Well back to today. Its the weekend and as per usual my girlfriend and I start off our weekend at the gym 8.30am on Saturday and we both work out. My girlfriend is slim, tall and very attractive. I am pretty much the same height and shape. I try to keep trim as lumps and bumps look horrid in a pretty little babydoll giggle.

Our gym has a small group of black guys, they are all huge and I find it hard not to stare in the changing room.

I met my girlfriend Zoe in the gym reception and we both left hand in hand and headed towards the coffee shop. We chatted some more and I hassled her to tell me all about her black quarter back boyfriend. The more we chatted the more I could see a certain glint in her eye. Why it turned me on I am not sure but I continued to push almost demanding her to tell me what sex was like with him....

Finally she told me to shut up and stormed out of the coffee shop.

I watch her storm out her tiny mini skirt barely covering her amazing pert ass. I blushed as the other coffee shop customers whispered about my girlfriends rather angry exit.

I leaned over to pick up my gym back and notice that the wooden chair she was sitting on was wet. I put my fingers in the liquid I had to know was it from her was she excited about her past...

I calmly lifted my fingers to my nose as I left the coffee shop as if to scratch my nose. Yes definitely my girlfriend's musty pussy juice she was getting turned on. I almost giggled and my little sissy clit twitched.

That night while we were happily emptying out our first bottle of wine I made sure she had taken the lion share of wine I started to probe her again.

This time her defensives were down and the answers, stories and memories spilled out. Days of being sore from the pounding, fat, long angry cocks, parties were her boy friend would lend her out to other guys he knew.

I sat there listening to my Zoe's stories and my sissy clit stood erect she noticed this and said to me...

Darling are you a fag in need of black cock

I blushed and she laughed

The wine now working its magic on both of us.

without realising it I tell her my secret the secret I have hidden for years I tell her about Morgan I tell her how mush Morgan longs to be a girl and to tease guys.

I tell her about my secret stash of clothing and my need to live through her as a women which is why I buy her sexy undies and yummy gorgeous clothes and why I revel in her stories about ex boyfriends.

A smile spreads across Zoe's face my girlfriend is almost beeming She tells me to get in the shower she steps in with me and carefully shaves what little hair I have she then pulls me from the cubicle with my erect cock and spreads body lotion all over my totally hairless body she dries my long brunette hair and ties it into two school girl like pony tails. She then pulls me into the spare room and demands I show her my little stash of babydolls I open the hidden box and pull out the 4 babydolls Morgan has.

She demands I tell her which is my most precious one.

I tell her its this one and pull out the accessories the long black silky gloves, the over the top bling bracelet and the skimpy thong

Zoe watched as I transformed myself into Morgan. I turned to Zoe and said I even have breast forms I started to cry and Zoe asked me what is wrong.

I started to blubber and in between tears and blushing red with humiliation I told her that I had used my bonus last year to buy them and had hidden the fact from her even though we needed a new car.

Zoe looked crossed and said sternly well Miss Morgan they had better be amazing and pert then. My little sissy clit twitched and I blushed and Zoe smiled a devious grin.

I pulled the forms from their box and attached each clamp to each real nipple and then applied the adhesive I held them in place and the glue slightly melted the edge of the forms creating a translucent edge which dried to become invisible. The forms cost thousands and were hyper realistic. They even transferred sensations to my skin and nipples.

Zoe looked stunned she said your amazing.

Come with me she half dragged half led me to our room and sat me down and took out her hairdressing kit she deftly styled my long un kept hair into a girly bob. Applied make up and stood me in front of the mirror I looked amazing.

She sent me to the spare room and told me that I needed to pass a test before she would let Morgan enter her bed.

I begged her to tell me anything I whispered horsily - the need in me was so great...

Zoe smiled and sent me on my way.

I lay in bed revelling in my new found freedom caught between excitement and needing to milk myself and promising my mistress my Zoe that I would not.

I was woken early about 6.30am Zoe told me to shower she joined me and teased me endlessly she played with my clit and then stopped she continued this cycle but never let me cum I wad driven mad with the need.

We dried off and then I asked her what was going to happen she smiled and handed me a pair of white cotton thong, I slipped it on my clit started to get haed and without warning she flicked my balls and I let out a girly yelp...

There she said now tuck it away I did so.

Next she handed me a black top with cut of sleeves and white trim it was very low cut I said what about a bra she smiled and said get dressed. Next she handed me one of her denim mini skirts and a pair of black heels I looked like a girl ready for a causal coffee morning with friends.

She applied a little bit of make up and pinched my cheeks then added a deep red lipstick tussled my bob to spruce it a little and then handed me her purse.

Ok lets go

Where I replied

Zoe turned to me wild eyed and spoke harshly and quietly

Look Bitch if you want to have your cake and eat it shut up and do as I say.

Shocked and a little afraid I nodded and followed.

We arrived at our Gym a little after 10:30am the regulars were leaving. Zoe pulled up next to the two guys Carl and Boyd and beeped the car horn.

I blushed and said in the meekest voice possible

hun..hunn .... noooo hun

Zoe turned and said you wanna know what it is like to go black well Morgan your going to find out.

She pushed me out of the car and as I tried to climb back in she said.

Look you fucking fag do this or don't come back. I want to teach you a fucking lesson and you better be nice as I called the guys last night and told them about you.

Howw did.. why... do you have their numberss...

She smiled back at me and said ohh boo hoo ohh my maybe we all have little secrets now fuck of Morgan or else.

Tears started to well up Zoe smiled and said listen girl be good and smile or they will hurt you...

Zoe closed the door and drove off.

I stood there and the guys stood about 10 meters away and slowly I realised I had no choice tears started to well up again and I started to walk towards them the shame made my face burn and my heels clicked on the paving as if to mock each step.

Zoe's purse began to vibrate and beep I recognised the phone as mine and pulled it out quickly. Hi Zoe I quickly answered.

Shut up bitch and smile do as they say and I will pick you up later now remember you wanted to know what black cock was like well you ungrateful bitch thank me.

I arrived at the two guys and they stared at me sternly and I found myself saying to Zoe

Thank you Miss Zoe for arranging it for me to experience black cock. You are truly a wonderful friend.

Now there that was not too hard was it Morgan

I replied no Zoe and thank you.

The two guys smiled and I did my best to smile back we chatted for a while and then they directed me to their car I sat in the back...

We arrived at their house and we chatted I crossed my legs tightly I did not want them to realise that my sissy clit was erect and in need of attention.

I joked with them and smiled

Carl said look bitch I am board with your small talk now

Now take a hold of our cocks and tell me what you think
I place my tiny hands on each of their thighs and without meaning too without knowing why I stroked their rods I could feel the power in their thighs in their cocks these were real men.

My legs were still crossed tightly but my head was lost and my needs and desperation for release and my wanton desire to explore Morgan's limits began to take over.

Without warning they stood up and pulled down their jeans I was still sat on the couch my legs no longer crossed but still tightly pressed together like any good virgin girl.

They pushed their cocks at me their fat rods with angry looking veins bounced at me I smiled and stared at them hypnotically and without feeling without knowing why my hands slowly raised up and my tiny hands with painted fingernails slowly closed around their thick cocks.

The warmth and softness caught me by surprised and I gasped I held onto their cocks tightly and without any conscious thought started to wank them

they moaned and strong hands held my head and without warning they pulled me to my feet
they stripped me naked and Boyd snarled at me and said

so bitch you wanna be some white hoe for me

I stood naked with my realistic fake breasts bouncing and my tiny femm frame looking so out of place next to the giant guy stood next to me

well bitch what is it to be

I whispered in total shame make me your hoe

He laughed and spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva on his cock and sank back onto the sofa. He reached up and for a moment sitting there with his arms outstretched look sweet I stepped forward and without warning he pulled me onto his cock

I shrieked in pain I tried to stand but his hands almost circled my tiny waist and he kept me in place impaled on his cock the pressure started to ease and at that point as if he knew he started to pump into me while pushing me down with his huge hands.

I looked down in pain and horror as I bounced on his lap and as each inch slid deeper into me he laughed I knew that even thought the pain was intense and that my shame was complete he would not stop till he had filled me with his seed.

I looked down and I could have sworn my tummy expanded on each down stroke. Oh My I said out loud. He snarled and continued to speed up. The pain changed and then the most unexpected thing started to happen I found my self beginning to gasp then without noticing it I found myself pushing back to meet his thrusts then I found myself hyper ventilating and the gasps became more erratic and more intense. I felt his hands leave my waist and start to pull at my nipples and fondle my breasts.

I opened my mouth as if too shout but nothing came out. My clit started to spurt even thought it was flaccid. I wanted to clamp my legs together, I bit my lower lip and then a moan deep inside started to spread first from deep inside then slowly it spread across me groin and then to my asspussy and finally to my nipples which stood out like little pebbles. I let out a moan of pure animal lust and screamed my eyes rolled back as his huge cock pressed deeper into me and hit my most secret of spots I flopped around like a rage doll and then he lifted me from his cock and dropped me on the sofa.

Clean it bitch I eagerly licked his cock clean as the last few spurts of cum splashed onto my lips I greedily licked it all up.

Without a pause Carl pulled me onto his cock and began the process anew. Stiffed legged sore and totally used I sank onto his mammoth cock and let him take me. Boyd was erect again and wanted his cock rubbed while he watch Carl fuck me into next week.

Finally they were ready to cum in my face Zoe had told me that night we had got drunk this was a black guys way of telling a white girl that she was his. My asspussy was sore and totally raped raw and I did not care, my sissy clit had cum several times harder and longer than I had ever before my balls were sore my clit also and yet I did not care.

I sucked at their cocks and tried to please them...

...after all I was their hoe....


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