Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Short Story - Make believe

Be honest ladies have you ever sat at work in your drab male clothes and wondered what it would be like to be a cute bubbly PA or a stunning Air Hostess, I am told some of you sluttier girls imaging your selfs as whores. Can you imaging that - giggle

Now who is blushing out there in the digital world?

Having found the courage recently to admit who and what I am I have stared to discover sweet little ideas about myself. I was drinking coffee and watching the world go by when two girls passed by they were very american very preppy and very proper. I was after all in Marylebone Lane just by the village and very posh part of London and as I later found out home to a very large American Student population.

As I sat in the coffee shop drinking my coffee and admiring the guys and girls I listened intently to their conversation. I watched as they moved and picked up each little gesture. I studied their clothing and then while sipping my coffee began to construct an imaginary friend of theirs.

From old money, can date the family back. Summer in Martha's Vineyard and a penthouse home in New York and LA. A socialite

what to call her what would she look like...

She should be slightly rounder than a European girl more innocent heavy up top as mothers would say. She would be tanned, brunette slightly chubby in the face but not fat.

She would be called Tiffany. She would wear a hair band, daddy would be big in property and mother would have her causes. Tiffany would only wear Ralph Lauren. Secretly she wants to be like the Parisian girls of her standing and wear Prada but she is just a little too big for that silhouette, She tried the country and landed gentry look of her English friends but she ended up looking frumpy and she just could not get used to tweed and flat caps even if her boyfriend felt she looked cute in his cap.

So she sticks to what she knows Ralph for best and Polo Sport for every day.

I got home late that evening and poured myself a glass of wine and spent several hours looking for the perfect Tiffany.

Finally I think I fond her.

This is her story.

Tiffany knew her parents were away until the weekend. She had flown back to New York for Thanks Giving Weekend. Spencer her boyfriend was going to come round tonight was the night a cold and rainy Thursday evening. The staff had prepared an amazing dinner for two and Tiffany had purchased the most stunning french and ever so grown up underwear from a recent day trip to Paris. Well Paris is so closed to London these days. A little champagne on the Euro star and then shopping with daddy's credit card.

She had chosen the lacy yellow thong and matching Choo heels to go with her yummy Ralph Cashmere cardy and matching knee high socks. Spencer always loved her in that cardigan and socks. She had taken out her hair band and used a hair clip to look a little more grown up.

The servants had put the meal out in her fathers study she had the fire lit and had told Spencer she would let him in via the remote from the study and too met her in her fathers room.

She had always dreamed of losing her virginity in this room. The old oak panelling and worn well oiled leather gave the room a certain smell and she felt strong in this room. She loved the lingering smell of cigars and whiskey from many nights entertaining while she slept in her bed she would wonder what was going on downstairs.

One night she crept down stairs and spied on her mother and father making love and she felt empowered and right that she should do the same in this room.

The buzzer broke her trance and she picked up the phone and answered. Spencer's well spoken voice filled the room. Tiffany pressed the buzzer and waited.

She held her cardigan shut the room was warm but she felt a sudden chill she shivered and then sat on the large leather desk chair he breasts spilling out of their woollen enclosure her perfect french tips shining in the dimly but provocatively lit room.

The door opened and spencer stood still framed in the doorways light - she smiled and he walked in and closed the door behind him.

He stood and watched her as she leaned back in her fathers chair her flesh touching the smooth well oiled leather it cooled her skin and she closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the sensation. she slipped the cardigan off her shoulders and presented her large fat breasts to him Spencer remained still just a slight twitch in his trouser gave away his excitement.

Tiffany almost purred the words... oh my my nipples are soooo hard oohh

She then extended one leg and gave him a perfect view of her french underwear. The poor boy she thought all he has ever seen is white cotton thigh highs

She moved with cat like grace and stretched out a little, youth and a healthy diet kept her large breasts impossibly firm.

She turned around on the chair almost displaying herself totally to him she looked over her shoulder as the chair slowly and silently rotated - She giggle to herself - daddy would never have a squeaky chair.

She leaned forward now her breasts totally free and they pulled down on her she leaned back a little and raised them up she was proud of her breasts and wanted to make sure Spencer got an eyeful.

Spencer edges forward but she shock her head her little dance was not finished and she knew being a boy he would rush into things and she wanted so much to be a women.

She stood up and slowly lowered the pretty yellow thong and leaned back on her fathers desk to support herself and make the action as smooth and as elegant as possible.

She then stood up and half sitting half standing raised her leg and placed her elegantly heeled foot on her fathers chair.

She sat further back on the desk and smiled she had exposed to Spencer for the frst time her most intimate part and she glowed in youthful vigor she knew he would be amazed as she had gotten a total wax in London.

She leaned further back on the desk and her body stretching and in the process she elongated her self this gave the illusion of a much more slender and athletic body she knew this she had practised it time and time again in the mirror. She wanted tonight to be perfect.

She stood and her cardigan fell to the ground and she turned around and bent at the waist totally naked apart from her cashmere socks and jimmy choo shoes.

She shifted her position until she was in the exact same position her mother had been that night she had seen them make love.

She turned to her man and whispered take me darling but do be gentle.
Spencer did not need a second invitation he stepped forward and......


  1. Damn - I need to get a pair of socks like those - she's a hottie indeed!

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