Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My new found confidance

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am finally growing up and growing a set of balls - giggle I find that statement sooo funny.

I was on the phone to my sister and we chatted about my new found confidence, my new well lets just label it inner strength for the moment as I am not sure if it is real or the hormones I am taking.

My sister blurted out and I quote verbatim

'oh for fucks sake. I am glad you are growing a set of balls'

We both sat in our respective homes phone in one hand wine glass in the other and paused.... The clock ticked and then we both exploded with laughter...

Finally my sister calmed enough to say sorry oh hun sorry you know what I mean ohh sorry Tabby hun ohh sorry or words to that effect.

I thought long and hard about my new set of balls and decided to put them to use. So my dear readers, lovers. faggots, sissy's and those of you who hate and loathe girls like me I have put together a comprehensive set of images some I have been sent some I have found but mostly images I did not use in the past because they did not fit with where my balls were at!

I also found out that a friend who has been seeing another friend for the last few years have split up he is very upset as she has finally found the strength to tell him she is gay.

I will not mention their names but I wish them both well and happiness - They both read my blog and I hope this post helps

Ever so sexy, such a little cute thing I would adore this creature to be my maid.

I love this image she looks so strong and confident almost like she is not interested and he is so femm so used and desperate amazingly strong image

Such an amazing body and sooo strong I love her pose and the fact she is topless and does not care. And I wish I had skinny legs like hers.

Another image with a powerful women and a reversal of positions so sexy. I think I might just for the first time want to fuck a guy! Now there is a change!

What a cow - perfect in every way

The perfect PA girls if this is you I have a job for you!

The domination is so exciting and for a change I want to do the dominating!

I know these are fakes and set up to continue and support this urban myth. But I adore her in this image she is saying to her ex look you do not have enough to please me sorry but I need more and do you know what it is ok to ask, admit to needing more as a women it is ok to search out for your needs and happiness.

Another perfect cow!

Such a darling strap on it would be almost art to be used by that I would adore that beautiful thing strap to me.

I love this shot the wallpaper, the clothing their faces express the story so well


I love this shot it expresses to me the main difference between men and women. The girl is getting ready to go out, she is putting on makeup, drinking wine, listening to a CD and styling her hair.

Her boyfriend decides that he needs a quick sucking off and the poor girl attends to his needs.

So sexual

Who would you like to be

Again I adore this images her face tells you everything you need to know. She is finally tired of being short changed and has demand a fatter, longer more active cock. Her old boyfriend helps her get a better cock inside her.

her face says everything you need to know!

Such a strong image I want to be this sexy traveller

Every tgirls desire at one stage admit it you all wanted to be her at some stage of dressing.

Strong and long what a girl

Love the pose

So hard to find a normal girl to admire

Love the collar

Beauties sluts for fame

Love the cum on her lips - is it hers or her friends?

so sexy

Love the look on her face.

What a perfect ride

Such a sexy ride

Amazing I would love to strap on that device and fuck a room full of party goers

As pert and uplifting as she is giggle

A wonderful set!


  1. Since I have been reading your Blog I have noticed something that I believe has been the key to your new found strength. When you began talking about your sister and what she was saying and how she had been interacting in your life, well I have always been in her camp as far as advice and stuff. That seems from this far away voyeuristic position to be something of a great thing for you Sweetie. I will keep sending good thoughts across the ocean. Stay strong. I laughed at the "balls" comment too.

  2. The tgirl in the pink tshirt with cum on her lips has a gorgeous face!

    And that girl in the green sweater is a great video:

    the expressions on her face as she's getting fucked in a private office are priceless, and then the ending when she swallows his cum is the coupe de grai

  3. the top model with his pretty pink top and thick cock is my fave..MMM
    LOVE his mini and cute posing

  4. Love the photos. Wish I was any of those girls! And I'd love to someday have a prostrate massage only climax. It only happened to me once and it was unbelievable. Never felt closer to being a woman!