Friday, 22 January 2010

Sarah W and her thoughts

Thank you so much Sarah W. Your pics and thoughts made me laugh, cry and imagine.

A little about Sarah with her permission of course
Sarah is a late 20 something she works in London is Bi and currently dating a Tgirl.
I adore the piccy you sent through and thank you both for your kind words.

Sarah has made some interesting suggestions ladies and sissy's alike. Her main one is rather startling and one I was rather surprised to hear. Mainly because I was under the impression Women who were gay - lesbians, dykes etc disliked or rather hated tgirls. I thought they would have nothing to do with us.

If there are any lesbian readers please do comment on your feelings I am dying to know if Sarah is in the minority or a special case because she is bi?

I am rather in a hurry to find out ladies as I have agreed to meet up with Sarah and her partner this weekend for drinks and I am somewhat a little well ok (blushing) a lot scared!

So onto Sarah's pics and some of her comments

I adore this picture she tells me that most women dream of this. I must be honest I think this is a little cliche even though both individuals are female.

I adore real life girls and shots this girl is stunning. Sarah tells me she wants this girl in bed. I find it difficult to deal with Sarah as she acts like a man should - aaargggh am I making sense?
oh love the outfit!

I soooo want to have this girls body oooh my would I play dress up if I were her all day long. Sarah says she likes boyish girls - funny so do I???

Sarah tells me the best girls all cycle - she goes on to say that if you want toned thighs and pert bums get on your bike. You know she may be right!

Sarah adores this girls look I find it a little scary love her body though. I am beginning to think T girls and lesbians should get together - am I wring? Thoughts ladies

Brainy girls are sooo sexy giggle

adorable love the glasses - Sarah loves the girls hips!

Cycle chicks part 2 - Sarah I think you are onto something!

Such an amazing body I adore pert little breasts. Sarah tells me most Lesbians dream of fucking a girl like this.

Adorable, sexy, cute

Another perfect boy girl


  1. For the most part, I'm with you and Sarah on this picture collection! I'd have no objection being invited home from the local pub by any of them, although I think I'd best like pedaling home the second to last.

    The part I don't get is the assertion these are "boyish" girls. I don't see anything boyish about them. Boys don't have curves to their hips nor boobs like any of these girls. Man tits are different and gross!

    Good luck with your date. If this doesn't sound like a cat fight brewing. . . . Remember, make love not war!

  2. LOVE the first pic, and the one of the girl on the bicycle. Adorable. This is such an amazing blog...please keep up the good work.

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  4. I adore the peach gown.
    she looks Stunning .

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