Thursday, 14 January 2010

Images sent in

Hi all
you all seem obsessed with my opinions on images. Yes I pretend to moan and complain but like all tgirls I love the attention.

Perhaps that is why we do what we do. We need, desire must have attention.

I love the idea of dressing like a pony girl or kitten. I am not interested in animals but I love the idea of role playing. The combination of bondage, sexy underwear and playing excite me.

Yummy - I adore the pixie type girl soooo sexy. What an amazing outfit!

I dream of being a pet to a sexy hunk or powerful couple

I want sooooo much a pair of those jeans giggle

ever so cute - yummy bride

I adore bondage outfits that look like they can be worn normally

fur sooo yummy

I love the way the thong outlines her

innocence is sexy

I adore the boy girl look

Veils are soooo in right now

I love this girls body it is sooo lean and long

Sexy underwear what could be better

Bikes and chix giggle

this girl could melt the sun!

A little hanky spanky giggle

I adore this boudoir look

I love the idea of women in control these images show both sides of that fetish.

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