Monday, 4 January 2010

Short Story - College Preppy Girls

Like most guys at a sports University I am very fit and spend a huge amount of time in the gym. But unlike most guys I am very slim and tend to get involved in sports for girls.

I adore yoga and soccer and spend a lot of time playing tennis and gymnastics. I love to cross dress and since leaving home and moving into my room at University I tend to dress a lot. My room mate is a typical jock well actually he is really cute and what a bod he has - blushing like mad I sometimes dream about him giggle.

Well he is typical jock and spends most of his time at his girlfriends rooms. He has fucked his way around the campus.

When he is away I shower and then gently rub in body lotion. I pull my hidden bag from under my bed and almost instantly my little cock stands erect. I am very slim and have a tiny cock I like to think of it as my sissy clit. All the yoga and female sports have helped shape me into a cute preppy girl. I have grown my blonde hair long and when in male mode tie it back but in female mode I let it out and style it in a very femm way.

I opened my bag and pulled out a pair of flowery patterned boy shorts and my breast forms. I adore small breasts, especially if they are pert. I attached the forms and then stood in front of the mirror I tucked my little cock back between my legs and adjusted myself so I looked like I had a small mound like a girl. I then pulled on my cropped preppy polo shirt from Polo Sport and then sat down and applied my makeup. A natural look a little preppy perhaps but more in keeping with the girl next door look.

I then put on some music and pretended to be a college girl. I danced around my room and lay on my bed while writing in my girly diary. I could feel the fabric of my polo shirt pulling at my nipples and the tightness of my boy shorts panties. My heart fluttered and I got a crazy idea I quickly pulled on my girl shorts they were very tight and short and then a pair of ankle shorts and my girly running shoes and I stood by my bed smiling with a million thoughts running through my head. The mirror on the back of the door reflected the scene

A sexy preppy girl in a blue polo shirt blonde hair tight shorts and a kick ass body toned legs and a sexy smile.

I stood there smiling and the door just opened

In walked Troy my room mate. Hey he said your cute where is Tom.

I stood frozen to the spot. Errrr... was all I could say I had a slightly femm voice and when I wanted to could sound very femm.

Tom he is bathroom

Ok Troy said so you are his girl friend or....... Troy stopped and picked up a soccer ball and leaned in close I gripped the ball and pulled it from him to try and hide my face at that moment Troy's eyes said everything.

He said your Tom.......

Silence the world spun and nothing was said

more silence

I panicked and smiled and said in a very bubbly voice

Hi Troy I am Tammi, Tommy's younger sister.

Troy smiled and leaned in I smiled back.

We sat on the edge of my bed and Troy touched my arm it was electric.
I leaned in close and could smell his manliness.
I looked scared and he smiled and whispered to me

undress yourself slowly my little sissy whore

My heart fluttered and without knowing why I stood up and danced around the room just like the girls I had seen in stripper bars.

He took of his top and I was just in my panties I almost giggled with delight as I bounced around and felt the small a cup breasts forms pull at my chest.

He pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his cock
A million ideas, feelings, thoughts, words rushed into my head and rushed out again I was lost for words and yet I wanted to tell Troy everything

I wanted to tell him I am a women I wanted to say fuck me use me abuse me enter me with your cock and cum in me I wanted to scream I am a goddess here to please you and to be pleased I wanted to announce to the world I was going to be his pet his little fuck toy I did not care about anything else my eyes were fixed on his fat veiny manly cock.

I sucked him and licked his balls I let him paw at my breasts and finger my asspussy he rubbed my sissy clit like I was a real girl.

He moaned which sent chills up my spine. He grabbed my hair and forced my face down onto his groin his cock thrusting deep into my throat. I relaxed and let his cock enter my throat breathing through my nose he then started to face fuck me I let go and closed my eyes as he pounded into my face mouth and throat.

He moaned and shouted at me I could hear nothing my mind was in rapture his hand moving rapidly on my groin rubbing me. I shock all over and he rubbed faster and harder

he almost spat the words at me

cum you sissy fag... CUM you CUNT he shouted you FUCKING SISSY ARRRRGGGGGGHH
I felt his cock throb then harden slightly enlarge and then I felt his balls jerk as he sent stream after stream of cum into my mouth.

He shouted I am fucking cum in your throat you whore

My mind was empty Tammy had taken over I was not thinking now I was reacting my brian well the Tommy part of it had shut down and all that was left was my core being the real me Tammy and she wanted more.

With out a word I stood up he watched me as I licked the cum from my lips and wiped the cum from my cheek and breasts with my finger and then lick my fingers clean I acted like a whore. Just like the girls I adored and wished I could be in those films Troy would watch

Troy lay on the bed his cock glistening with my saliva and his cum I licked it clean and back to life and then I simply climbed on top of him and impaled myself on his cock.

He reached up to me and played with my breasts and then held me while we both bounced up and down.....

If you like this story I will produce a small series of the trials and tribulations of Troy and Tammy. Let me know.


  1. Good start! Keep em cumming.

  2. Totally delicious, sugar...don't stop now!

  3. Loved every word of it and, oh, by the way,
    could TASTE every word tooo!!!!

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