Monday, 18 January 2010

Short Story - My boss is a bitch

I work for a small private holding firm that has a number of bars, restaurants and dinners across the most of the US and Europe. I work for the owner and she is a bitch.

She loves to play with people and is very wealthy so she gets away with it. For the last few years she gets her kick out of changing tough men into subs and sissy men into girls. A few years ago she noticed I had knickers on and she started to keep a close eye on me. Within a few months she had collected enough evidence on my little secret.

She called me into her office late that afternoon and started to chat very openly about men and what turned her on. She talked about cocks, fat ones, long ones black ones and I blushed.

James she said my you are blushing like a girl..... she paused and a wicked smile spread across her face.

Perhaps she said slowly and very deliberately you should be called Jamie Lisa Jones. Rather than James Carl Jones.

I blushed my mind raced how did she guess my femm name.

My my my she carried on you look shocked almost panicked what is wrong dear....

The silence was deafening... The longer I waited to respond the more guilty I looked...

I stammered out well.... you ... see..... I am errr.. I well I love to...... I can....

Yes dear she sat there on her executive chair looking smug

I panicked and started to explain that I do a lot of research for the company as a girl

Oh you do do you. Thank you so much she sneered at me.

She stood up and walked over to me an said do you like working here

I nodded

Well why are you trying to get me to sack you

I looked at her mouth open wide

What why how I stammered I do not understand I was close to tears.

She leaned in close - I could smell her perfume, my head spun I caught glimpses of her black lace bra and marveled at her tight wool pencil skirt.

Jamie she whispered almost in my ear you want to be a girl don't you. Tell me the truth and I will make sure your dreams come true. I will look after you darling.

I burst into tears and nodded.

Good now go home and be sure to stay in all day I have a number of people coming in to see you.

I sat there - go on move she snapped

I stood up and left as I got to the door of her office she handed me a small plastic bottle and said drink this all down it will calm you down.

I did as she asked.

I got home and sat on my sofa wondering what was going to happen. The minutes past then the hours and my coma like state was ended by the shrill ring of my door bell I opened the front door and in walked my Boss followed by 10 other individuals. No no no she said this little hovel will not do. Not for my personal PA.

She shouted out orders to two of the women who left immediately their instructions to find a small very femm modern flat near my Boss's town apartment. Next the tailors measured me and then the underwear girls and then the stylist the tailors left and the stylist went to work teasing my long hair and teaching me how to apply makeup all the while telling me I looked stunning.

My boss sat on the sofa watching all the while she smiled and sipped tea. She then handed the girl another plastic bottle to hand over to me she told me to drink it all up. I did so.

It was getting very late but I felt amazing. My Boss had now told me to call her Miss Henderson and we sat on the sofa together chatting about men, underwear, cocks and all manner of things that made me giggle and blush.

I drank another bottle of the liquid it was my 6th bottle. I felt faint and then passed out.

I woke feeling amazing. I shifted in bed and my body felt divine. I felt so feline. I could feel something pressing on my chest.

My mind cleared and suddenly the last few days swam back into my head. I could hear voices in my flat smell freshly brewed coffee and I sat up I had breasts. I screamed and jumped out of bed.

The door opened and in walked my boss I automatically curtsied and said good morning Miss Henderson.

I was standing in front of my boss wearing the cutest babydoll you have ever seen.

I could just about speak and whispered you have turned me into a girl I stammered how.....

My boss replied no well almost my little sissy faggot you still have your tiny sissy clit and balls but your balls have been push back inside you to create a more femm feature. You sissy clit is tiny when soft again this has been done to create a more femm shape. But it will grow to around 9 inches and be very thick - much better than your original cock.

I blushed. How I manage to ask.

Well the liquid you were drinking is an experimental female hormone and when you passed out a week ago we injected you with the 2nd part which kept you asleep while you changed and then once you had gone as far as you can you woke up. While you slept we fed you audio stimuli to make you more well make you listen to my voice more...

She giggled and said lick my ass hole.

I fell to my knees as she lifted her skirt up and I pushed my face between her cheeks and started to lick her around her thong.

She told me to purr like a cat

I do so.

She told me to stand and I did so she pulled down my babydoll's matching thong and told me to get erect I marveled as the thing between my legs grew from nothing to the size of an adults women's forearm.

My boss almost jumped up and down in glee.

Good she said. now get soft I did so and with that the room filled with women who were getting me ready.

They all shouted information at me do this must do that bathe this way dry your hair like this apply makeup like this do that. Soon I was dressed.

I was then presented to my boss.

I was in such a tizz with everything moving so fast I had not enjoyed the process and my boss, my mistress knew this she knew what every sissy girl wanted.

She sat down and picked up her coffee cup and asked me to describe what I was wearing in detail and how I felt. She told me to be detailed.

I smiled and blushed feeling amazing my hands were at my sides and I gently ran my hands up my thighs and hips and then my tiny waist up towards my pert breasts and then around my neck until I flicked my hair. I stood on one foot and pushed out my hip and began

my foundation garments are Miss Henderson a lace black merrywidow corset. With thin straps and a scalloped lace trimmed bra section. Stocking straps and a matching black lace thong. Plain lace top stockings. The corsets cups are lightly lined and underwired with a little padding to help my cleavage. I almost purred the answer back to her.

I adore the tightness of the corset and how it supports my breasts. I love the thong the way the front panel is smooth and I must admit to feeling turned on by the string between my cheeks. Mistress does this happen to real women also.

I had asked the question before I had thought about and blushed

My boss replied yes darling it does and bid me to carry on.

I love the stockings and the stocking straps the way the pull at my stockings and how I can feel my foundation garments through my clothes.

My attire consists of a sophisticated tulip skirt in a charcoal grey with a white pinstripe. Front and back pleats. It is ever so tight and I love the shape it creates. A french cuff shirt in white made from silk. Black patent 6 inch Mary Jane's

My hair is up in a bun and my makeup is slutty PA secretary.

I feel well Miss I feel amazing.

Then lets go.
We left my flat and my old life and arrived at my new flat Miss Henderson handed me the key and told me to look around.

I stepped in to the reception room my heels clicking on the marble floor. I walked into my bedroom and the room was amazing full of girly lacy things and my bathroom was stunning.

I stood there and almost cried Miss Henderson walked in and I lost control and hugged her she looked cross but smiled gently and said now Jamie darling do control your self......

Jump forward one year. I am now totally femm I still have my amazing sissy clit and I adore my Mistress and my role in helping her run her business. Today we are visiting a wine bar and restaurant in New York. The manager has not been performing and I am helping Miss Henderson investigate.

The manger looks nervous as Miss Henderson points out the dirt in the kitchen.

Jamie make a note I do as she tells me. Miss Henderson is looking amazing in her silk suit. I keep looking at the Manager he looks such a hunk. It is amazing how powerful Miss Henderson is she makes even the most powerful hunky guys scared.

We move to the bar I check the wine glasses...

Miss Henderson simply tuts. I make further notes. My mind wonders and I almost purr my outfit is so femm today I love the pink blouse and the high waisted wool pencil skirt.

The manager rolls his eyes. Miss Henderson turns to him and says


The manager is in total shock he mumbles an apology.

Jamie's take his details and get rid of him NO ONE ROLLS their eyes at me.

I open my book and the manager looks at Miss Henderson and says please I need this job I really do please I am sorry.

ok.... She smiles at me and I know what is coming.

She stands up and says Jamie undress me - I slowly take down her skirt and thong and curtsey. I turn to the Manager and tell him lick her ass sir.

The Manager looks shocked and does nothing.

I repeat sir if you want to keep your job you will lick Miss Henderson's ass NOW.

Miss Henderson smiles and the Manager drops to his knees and pushes his face deep between her cheeks. I shiver this is sooo sexy and my nipples start to get hard.

She tells the broken man to stand and pulls his cock put of his trousers and introduces me to him. Do you know who this girl is she used to be a man I made her my little sissy faggot show him your cock Jamie.

I pulled my skirt up and pulled my thing to one side and The Manager gasped.

Now lick her tits Miss Henderson pushed the manager at me he pulled off my blouse and pulled at my corset while Miss Henderson wanked him

She whispered in the Managers ear lick the sissys asspussy go on lick her all the while Miss Henderson worked his cock

I was in heaven and started to purrr and moan like a bitch on heat. I could hear Miss Henderson telling the manger he must be a fag too he must like cock and perhaps she should put on a strap on and fuck him he was getting angry but she kept teasing him and wanking him.

Miss Henderson sat on the bar stool and pulled up her dress and told me to push the managers head into her pussy

Eat my mistress out bitch I almost spat the words out the Manager was almost broken and without a word started to lap at my mistresses pussy like a puppy.

She moaned and laughed at him as he ate her out she forced more of her pussy into his face I pushed him harder into my mistresses clit I enjoyed doing this it made my sissy clit twitch the idea of making another man feel useless my nipples were little bullets and my mistress sneered at the manager

she spat out obscenities at him.

Jamie darling look at him even a sissy like you can make him grovel what a fag. The Manager this hard tough guy started to cry.

Oohhh pooor baby my mistress laughed at him maybe baby is hungry and with that she forced him to suckle her nipples

good baby she cooed at him. I laughed at this once man now totally submissive to us.

Now my little bitch manager I want you to fuck Jamie, fuck my little sissy
As the manager entered my asspussy I moaned out like a whore. He was not really into it so my mistress spanked him till he pushed at me

She then whacked his ass with his belt until he was fucking me....

End of part 1


  1. Love it!
    Can't wait for part 2.

  2. Oooh. I want to get a job working for your boss!



  3. If they are taking applications to play one of the parts I not sure if I’d like to be the Boss, Manager, or Sissy most. I’m already a sissy but I better try them all.

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