Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Modern Day Me

Hi all you gals, girls, sissys and menfolk.

As I am sure you know this is one of the first shots I had taken of me by my friend. At the time he was studying and working as a photographers assistant. He is now fully qualified and to celebrate he took a number of shots of me.

I took the opportunity to change my look. I was very excited as he also has a makeup girl working with him and I had spent a fortune on the best C cup breast forms.

For reference this is my old shot.

And these are my new shots and look

Zoe took this shot earlier this year. At Zoe's house in her garden. I love how natural I look.


  1. Adorable. Such a pretty girl. Very jealous.

  2. You look fantastic! So pretty!

  3. Absolutely great - I'm so jealous! Do you have more pix to put up?

  4. Hi Tabby - just to echo what everyone else is saying: you look amazing! I too am very jealous :)

  5. wow blushing like totally now thank you.

  6. You look absolutely super pretty. Jealous is not the word for how I feel. I can only dream of being as pretty