Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Images sent in

I have not done a comment session on your images for a while. The following set is one of the best. I thank all you sissys that sent a picture in.

Well does this women have an amazing body just look at those hips and waist. I would soooo give anything to spend a day in her body. Yummy.

Adore the outfit. Can her hips and legs and that ever so pert bottom be any better?

Legs, legs, legs amazing.

I adore waspies they give a girl such a yummy feeling and hide the unsightly bumps for you lazy sissy girls.

The perfect outfit for the working girl.

pert, bouncy and yummy.

how long are those legs. she is divine.

Adorable cute girl next door pert breasts and divine waist hips are a little loose but a good pert ass.

Totally amazing the tiny waist the pert breasts the total toned body I adore her tiny waist and bottom.

one of the best toned bodies and mounds I have ever seen

girls this is how you do sultry - come to bed eyes

oh my the feeling of a thing running between my cheeks makes me ooooh soo yummy.
add in those divine hold ups and the lead and collar and I am yours for ever giggle

what a darling bride and dress.



  1. That would feel so good!

    God no - couldn’t get any better.

    Yes Amazing - they just so long and thin.

    Anything that can give me some kind of a girly shape is OK with me.

    Nice shape too!

    I don’t think she is bouncing . The shadow looks like she may be laying down or something.

    Long enough. I love her belly too.

    A little loose? You are getting picky now.

    A little belly looks nice too. Maybe it’s more natural.

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen a bigger mound.

    Kind of like Angelina Jolie’s eyes don’t you think?

    Nice ass cheeks.

    And what a little tease.

    Stunning and a little scary too.

  2. I agree...would love to be the first woman, even for a day...