Monday, 30 May 2011

Sir's toy

I have spent many days and nights wondering what I want to be - OMG I hear you all cry has she not got her head around that - we thought you were a brunette, not a dumb blonde! (giggle sorry all you yummy blonde darlings was making a point) 

To answer you all - No I have not and with my experiences with Sir or Mr Black and the other girls in the Academy I am even more unsure and torn there are some constants.

Certain things I know are right for me but they clash with other feelings and experiences which feel right which make me happy. I know I am lost and a little afraid and some nights I do still cry myself to sleep and with the horrid things my sister is experiencing (hence my recent disappearance along with my stay at  Blacklands) which overwhelmed me for a while but thanks to Sir I was able to control those issues and understand them. The more I think the more I sense there are several women in me...

I want Sir to see me like this to imagine me as his slave his toy his object. 

To control me in subtle ways to make me his 


I want to feel luxurious and spoilt 

I want him to desire me and I want him to think of me as his friend, his slut, his toy, his lover and above all his favourite 

I will try not to displease him - but I understand the need for order and discipline 

I also understand his manly needs and I am there to service them 


If he needs me to be his school girl or princess I will do so without questioning 


I will learn to be more and more femm for him

I will learn to carry myself in public and always add to his standing - I will be pretty and ladylike at all times and always do his bidding 


I will worship his cock and convince myself his cum is pure ambrosia - I will lick each drop from my fingers 


I will thank him for cumming on me in me 


I will always dress in a sensual manner even when I am home alone - I will always be slim for him and train to be as femm as possible 


I will tease him as a femm feline and be a kitten a pet to be collared and used 



I want to be humiliated and made to be nothing more than his desires 



I want him to force me to submit 

I want to be a sex goddess a vixen a harlot I want to be hot 

I want his touch to send me to the moon

I want him to have other women so that I can become their toy so that I can have a mistress so that I can be used by a women too. 


I want to suck whos ever cock he tells me I want to help him manipulate people and take control from them I want him to use me in his games I want to know that I am controlling someone on his behalf 

I want to be dangerous sassy and sexy


I want sir to give me sissy faggots so I can turn them into cute girls so that sir and I can fuck them I want my own little slave harem 



I want to make those girls suck cock and make them eat cum.

Do you girls feel the same which of you needs, desires the same?


  1. You describe how my life as a woman should be.

  2. Can I bee in Your harem please ?

  3. huhhh tabby, you are really a totally beautiful sexy and obedient girl. Your Master surely is proud of you.
    Although I am a guy, this post is totally arousing for me, giggle. So many beautiful pics, both guys and girls, huhh.
    I have to take vare not to fall under your spell

    thank you

    xxx martin

  4. Tabby I have to say the more you post the more I fall in love with you. You are a true Goddess in every sense of the word. It takes amazing strength to post your feelings for others to read and you should be proud of what you've accomplished. And should you ever get the chance to have that harem, I'm sure you'll be the most amazing mistress possible.

  5. Tabby now look what you have done, you have got so many of them all excited. You will have to sift through even more applicants.

    Send me through a short list and I will review them when I next get a moment.

  6. huhh, you really got me excited, Mr Black is totally right. I have to take care not to get excited too much, giggle

    xxx martin

  7. So well said Tabby as always...and so well illustrated! *giggle* it's such a pleasure to read such a loving, wellcrafted account of what a sissy should be...
    oh and yes...sign lil tommi up for your harem too!

  8. Tabby,

    You have it in one, these are all of my desires

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