Monday, 23 May 2011

I know it's late and I know it's been done to death but....

Yes everyone has blogged twittered and reported on the Royal wedding but as always I am going to do this from a different perspective. Shock horror I hear you all gasp. 

Yes I am a tgirl and yes I am going to bring this sordid lifestyle of mine to the fore and compare our little princess with all you princesses out there. 

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to plan my wedding. Here is a little shameful secret from my past while at school around about 13 - 14 yrs old I was very much a girlie boy I would spend time with the girls and they would tease me about being in love with their boy friends - I did not realise it then (slow developer blush) but they knew what I was. I wonder if they would recognise me now? Blush perhaps that is a path best left un travelled giggle. 

The girls in my group all started talking about weddings (If I recall the older sister of one of the girls in the group was getting married) they all chatted about her sisters wedding diary and that they all had started their own. 

That night I went home and spent most of the following weekend working on my wedding diary. I used one of my school scrap books. I cut out pictures from magazines and from clothing catalogues, I used my pocket money to buy bridal magazines and tried to put together my outfit for the big day, the honeymoon and the bridal night. 

I remember blushing as I flicked through pages of white lace and getting ever so excited about selecting my outfit, bikini and wedding night lingerie 

I was particularly close to one of the girls in that silly little group at school and I admitted to her what I had worked on over the weekend she laughed at me and I cried like a silly girl. To stop me crying she promised me that she would look at my diary. The next day I showed her the dairy and she giggled and blushed along with me all through lunch and I felt wonderful - It felt sooo right to share those feelings and ideas. 

I want to imagine what these feelings must be like, the hen party the older sister, the friends. I want everything. I want the drunken night where I tell the girls I am engaged and they all buy a bottle of champers and celebrate with me - but they secretly feel envious. 

My real friends take me out for a special dinner to celebrate and chat about the wedding 

Then the hen party 

Shopping for my wedding night lingerie - something innocent for the first night 

something naughty for the next night 

bikini for the beach 

Perfect underwear for the big day

The big day - the dress

The older sister 

the world looking at us both 

at me

wow what an amazing sensation 


  1. Would I get an invitation? ;-)

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