Monday, 30 May 2011

being taught a lesson

I posted several comments regarding femininity and was firmly put in my place by Jessie - I hope she does not mind me addressing her by her first name.

Her comment to my post was:

I usually like your posts, but not today.
Part of the journey in accepting who YOU really are, is to come to the acceptance that EVERYONE has the same right to explore whoever they might choose to be. It doesn't matter if it is a genetic man who understands he is really a she inside, or a genetic girl who decides she wishes to dress or act as she sees fit on any given day.

I truly am sorry that you are mistreated by others... But perhaps one of the reasons you are not being treated so well in this world is because you are bringing it upon yourself with destructive thoughts?

Put simply I have been the very thing I have done to me - I should know better and I thank Jessie for her honesty and her bravery to comment, but most of all I thank her for reminding me we are all valid. 

So as a way of an apology and hoping to mend bridges I retract the post and offer Jessie and any others who were upset flowers and chocolates

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