Sunday, 29 May 2011

Girls sometimes I just have to cry

Don't judge a book by it's cover. I find most people judge me and assume the worst. I try soo hard not to judge others because of the way I am treated, have been treated and I am guessing will continiue to be treated by most of society.

But sometimes I just have to have my say...

Girls and I mean all you genetic girls the ones lucky enough to be born women. The ones that have not had pain and suffering to be who they dream of being. I sometimes burst into tears when I see you behaving manly or un femm - I would do anything to be you and yet you seem to try so hard to be anything but women!

I found a blog with some images to express this idea:

This girl is stunning femm and well dressed perfect and I wish I was half the women she is. 

Cute and a little tarty - how I wish I had their friendships and lives growing up 

Cute perfect amount of leg showing in her position and a very curvy sexy looking girl

 What are these two upto it is awful I hate it when women behave / look / drink like this If they can not be ladylike when drunk they should not drink

Hun lose some weight before you dress like that

It amazes me how some women are just not femm... 
Can anyone explain am I missing something?


  1. I usually like your posts, but not today.
    Part of the journey in accepting who YOU really are, is to come to the acceptance that EVERYONE has the same right to explore whoever they might choose to be. It doesn't matter if it is a genetic man who understands he is really a she inside, or a genetic girl who decides she wishes to dress or act as she sees fit on any given day.

    I truly am sorry that you are mistreated by others... But perhaps one of the reasons you are not being treated so well in this world is because you are bringing it upon yourself with destructive thoughts?

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