Wednesday, 18 May 2011

If you could....

My sister asked me a great question yesterday and I really wonder long and hard about it the question was in two parts:

Firstly she asked - would you choose to be born a girl if you could live life over again?

I was about to answer yes of course when she added the second part - which ladies really surprised me and made think almost constantly for the last two days. 

the second part was - yes Tabby hun I know you are going to say yes but I want to know at what point would you choose to start life the rules are:

1. Start at 15 yrs old and not know what life will deal you - not sure if you are going to be fat, beautiful, successful etc 

2. Start in your 20's sexy beautiful but not successful 

3. Start in your 20's average looking women but married to a great guy

4. Start in your 30's wealthy sexy and beautiful

Wow she really knows me and she has used all my weaknesses and desires and pitted them against each other. 

Do I want to be the skinny sexy popular girl which I adore and dream of or do I want to experience everything a women does first date, the giddy first dance or kiss but risk being the fat friend?

I hated school but was that because I wanted to be a girl - will the girl me hate school also? 
Would I behave like a tgirl schoolgirl or be a real girl would I be the slut or will this re-birth move me away from feeling the way I do? 

I would risk it if I could somehow be me but not me? 


I want to feel what a real girls feel - will I be able to make friends will I be able to explore whom I am or will become 


I will have parents how do I feel about that - will they be constantly disappointed in me because I will be sooo naughty smoking, staying out late parties 


Being such a slut and a tease - what would my farther say how would I react? 

I know I would adore going to the prom, having lots of school friends male and female 

Dressing up

Showing  off - being desired - yes I would be a hugely spoilt bitch 

Or an older more refined women knows what she wants, can afford her own things and can do as she pleases Wealthy 30 something or 

stunning poor 20 something 

or average looking 20 something with a man!


Oh this is soo hard - sexy 20 not sexy 20 with a guy - I could get any guy if I was sexy and I could pay for any guy as a wealthy 30 something 


wow I have always been mixed up but this is really got me in a tizz. 


I think it is between the slutty younger girl discovering things for the first time or....

...I will go with the 30 something sexy wealthy women. 

Ladies do post / comment / tell me your thoughts


  1. I am so glad you found time to write a real, good Tabby-Jones-post again! xox

  2. Tabby back on form at last - Well one should also consider which one would Mr Black want you to be?

  3. 15. I want to experience as much as possible. I could be fully engaged in singing and dance like I would want. I would also have time with my mother again, and 15 gives me the most time with her again.

  4. I think about this a lot. 25, attractive, self confident, great sense of style. Old enough and worldly enough to know what type of wine to have with dinner, but young and fit enough to still experience everything in life.

  5. A great set of pictures to illustrate your thoughts!