Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Getting a few things off my chest

If there are any girls out there with tips, tricks ideas on what makes a good blow job let me know.




I love this image I sooo want to be her 

I love the idea of a huge cock impossible to swallow with gentle pressure on the back of my head 

I love the idea of being fed a cock 

I adore a real mans cock why is it soo sensual and draws me in - girls do you all feel like that or just us sissy tgirls? I love the idea of a cock being erect for me that slightly manly smell the warmth the veins soo intoxicating 


I want to hold a fat heavy cock and stroke it 


A really powerful man strong thighs are so important - girls any thoughts 

My second love - shoes and pencil skirts - girls what do you love / desire most 



I think I may have just had my first real orgasm giggle 


I sooo want to be one of these girls - what about you my darling readers what is inside your pretty heads what do you long to be 


So need to be prim and proper - elegant girl about town 




I want to feel submissive in the company of men 

I want to go to sleep each night satisfied and needed 

Girls I am dying to hear from you all share your thoughts...


  1. Tabby I will be expecting a full report on proposed techniques and tips before your aural test in July.

  2. woow, Tabby, what a collection of totally beautiful pics. The shoes and skirts look soo sexy. This post aroused me a lot, really. And, blush, huhh the guy are totally impressive, giggle, well built, so to say.
    huhh and I would love to read about the, blush , techniques, too.

    thank you

    xxx martin

  3. For me, giving a good BJ is all about control. You can control his pleasure, to some degree. And you control the pace. You can back off a bit when he is getting close, but not too close. A cock is like a ticking time bomb. You have some idea of when it will go off, but you don't know exactly when.

  4. For me it is all about focussing on the cock, making it the centre of your universe for the time you are giving the BJ, there is nothing else that matters, alternating the pace, depth and lots of saliva to lubricate (blushes).

    My first Master gave me poppers when he taught me to do this and the sensation of his cock being the only thing that mattered came from then.

    A BJ is sensual and very different from having your face fucked which I have found is all a lot of guys want to do just to abuse you/me

  5. I just love pencil skirts and high heels too, together with really great feminine underwear my favourite things!

  6. Emily darling do tell me more - blushing