Thursday, 8 October 2009

Short Story - Matt's Wish

Matt had been a cross dressers for years. Fat, balding and middle aged did not make a very convincing women. He stopped dressing about a year ago and spent most of his time dreaming about being a women.

He hated his job and he hated his little life that he had carved out for himself. He really only looked forward to Fridays...

He would indulge his passions, eating, drinking, porn and lingerie. He would order his curry and drink his beer while browsing porn sites and underwear sites. He would order the most divine underwear in impossibly small sizes and imagine himself in them.

One such evening he carefully laid out his size 8 lingerie, matching outfit and shoes and began the Friday night ritual eat the curry while drinking too much beer and browsing the web while looking every so often at the outfit.

He would order far too much and drink far too much and most Fridays he would stop around midnight feeling sick and far too full. Tonight was no different and he rushed to the loo and fell to his knees and started to throw up in between he would sob and curse himself and his life.

He fell asleep on the cold tiles when he woke up he felt somehow lighter, he felt totally alive he could hear a mans voice he looked up and realised that somehow he was sitting in a luxury hotel room talking to a hunk and he was now a stunning women. He smiled and rasied his cocktail and enjoyed the hunks eyes undressing him.

Matt finished his drink and walked to the en suite and closed the door he was stunned he was dressed in the outfit he had laid out he looked ravishing he touched himself and stroked his tiny thin frame and revealed in his new female form.

He kept staring in the mirror and then his reverence was broken by the hunk calling to him
asking him if he wanted another cocktail.

Matt gulped down his fear and he replied yes please.

He was shocked at how sultry and sensual his voice was. It was like cream, his skin was silk his hair was like the golden strands of sunlight streaming in through the bathroom window.

He stepped out of the bathroom and into the waiting arms of his hunk. He stroked the muscular chest and felt the man push his tongue into his now soft and wanton mouth.

His lips tasted of lipstick and he felt himself swoon as the man pressed against him and Matt felt the bulge between the mans legs press against his now taught toned tummy.

The hunk pushed her down and...

lay back on the chair. He spoke harshly suck me bitch suck me hard
Matt licked at the man's bulge and smelt his musty scent through his jeans

Matt felt sensations thousands of them happening all at once he head was swimming from the hunks scent his nipples hard and sensitive his groin on fire and the heat was spreading from deep inside.

He heard himself purrr and then the man could not wait any longer

He pushed Matt's virgin mouth deep onto the monstrous rod, Matt's mind could not understand the feelings and sensations this new body was amazingly sensitive and made Matt spin in 1000 directions at once.

He caught his reflection in the bedroom mirror and frowned the man was still pushing him down and there was so much more cock to go

Matt's frown turned to worry as he could not breath anymore and then the man started to face fuck him

Matt pulled away and gasped as he say a single strand of precum and saliva stretch from the angry purple head of his hunks cock to his swollen and sexy bottom lip.

His body was shaking and he felt the heat in his groin grow hotter and spread he pulled at his dress and removed his silk bra he let the man lick his breasts pull at his nipples and lost himself to the feelings Matt moaned and purred like a whore.

Matt turned away from the man and leant against the table he pulled his dress to one side and
looked at the man with smoldering eyes she part whispered part gasped these words

fuck me pls fuck me hard

the hunk did not wait for the word to end and with a single thrust impaled Matt and split his virgin pussy.

The hunk fucked Matt's female form hard, Matt felt his breasts bounce and jiggle, he felt his thighs stretched and clawed at so the hunk could drive his cock deeper, he felt the mans balls slap his ass as he was fucked

Matt's mind lost control and he screamed with pleasure.

Matt bit his bottom lip he blushed with shame and then purred as the second wave of pleasure toppled his little dam of shame and washed over him like a tidal wave.

The man pushed Matt's female body onto the table edge and pulled out showing Matt how magnificent his cock was.

Matt watched as his female fingers closed around the hunks cock and with pouting lips he began to milk the man stimulating him with words of encouragement begging him to give up his cum and wet her pussy.

Matt knew it was his hand, his lips and his voice but somehow he was removed he felt like every true women when she is aroused free and wanton and totally without shame all she wanted to do was to please the man and reach a full orgasm

with a grunt and a shudder the man's cock pusled in Matt's hand and then the man shot string after ropey string of cum onto Matt's beautiful shaven pussy. The white cum stood out against Matt's sexy tanned body.

The man moaned gently and then gave a out a small grunt as the last of the cum hit Matt's pussy lips and small tattoo at that moment Matt reached his first full female orgasm and his eyes rolled back he let go of the fat cock clamped his thighs together and pinched at his nipples and tried desperately to rub his thighs and pussy lips to try and extend the pleasure....

Saturday morning Matt woke up his old self again he striped of his curry stained shirt and pants and climbed into the shower he could remember last night and was amazed how vivid the dream was it was so powerful he thought he had cum in his sleep as he was covered in cum all around his groin.

He picked up the sponge and poured some more shower gel on it and proceeded to wash away the cum at that moment he smiled at his little tattoo and then almost fell of his feet.

Tattoo when did I what how....

The questions raced through his head as he stood in the mirror and lifted his huge stomach up and get a better look at the tattoo. He just stared at it. It was exactly the same as the tattoo on the women he dreamt of last night. He would never have got a tattoo he was terrified of needles one prick and he was off. He smiled and almost giggled one prick he thought was all that was needed to send her off too....

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