Monday, 12 October 2009

Short Story - be careful what you wish for.

Robert was a stable boy and would spend all day working with beautiful rich women who did not have the time for him. He was there servant, paid to bring out their horses get them ready saddle them and take them for a ride.

He wanted to fuck these women they were stunning and arrogant he wanted to teach them a lesson. He would mutter under his breath at these perfect creatures. If I was you I would be careful.... No sooner had he muttered those words there was a flash and he found himself as Alexia the snobby stuck up bitch that he hated.

He found himself in her body wearing her boots and riding hat, her thong and whip.

He heard a mans voice and turned to find the stable owner on his knees with a saddle strapped to his back. He felt Alexia's body twitch and shiver gently as he felt a wetness between his legs and a warmth spread from his groin he found he was unable to stop himself he fell to his knees and pulled his bosses cock back through his legs and started to suck on the cock he started to wank the man he looked at the tiny hand attached to his thin and female arm and felt like he was removed from the situation.

He sucked hard trying to milk the man. He found he kept encouraging him like he would a horse and felt his face blush.

The stable owner pump his seed into Robert's mouth the females body he inhabited greedily sucked the cum and purred.

Then the stable owner reared up and neighed like a horse he picked up Alexia and forced his tongue into the posh sluts mouth.

Rob felt his arm raise and smack down the crop like he was riding a horse he heard his female mouth open and Alexis voice come out and demand that her stallion lover fuck her

Rob felt his pussy stretch as his boss penetrated him.

She squealed and purred as she turned to show her horse lover her ass she begged him to fill her holes the stable owner keeping to his role neighed and then pushed his fingers deep into her ass he fucked her pussy and ass while she orgasmed

The owner mounted Alexia's body and pushed his horse like cock into her ass. The posh slut lost control and totally abandoned herself to pleasure.

She squealed fuck me fuck my ass fuck me my horse lover make me think your my horse fuck my shit hole you chav

Finally spent Alexis fell to the floor the Stable owner strapped the saddle on her and then sprayed another load of cum in her face he stopped playing the role he had been assigned and
slapped Alexis across the face and told her to lick the shit of his cock

Alexis was lost in pleasure and she did so.

The owner laughed some posh bitch you are....

Alexis neighed and licked her masters cock clean.