Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hen Night

Last weekend I attended a friends Hen Night. My first real world hen night. I was sooo excited. I had been invited by my friend 3 months before and I went through sooo many emotions.

Should I go, should I go as Tabby etc etc. Who else would be there would they understand. Finally I decided not to go.

I called my friend and explained my feelings and reservations. She was sooo sweet and told me she had insisted that I attend and had told all the girls and her matron of honor that I was to be treated like one of the girls. Finally she told me that I just had to come as she would remember that her Hen night was not complete.

I agreed.

So I packed my little case and arrived at her Matron of honors house late Saturday afternoon.
(I have mots of pics but I am waiting on the girls to all confirm they are happy to be on my blog)

I was greeted by Helen the Matron of Honor and felt totally at ease with her she handed me a glass of champers and held my hand and guided me into the garden chatting as she went.

I was the last to arrive and was wearing my fave tight jeans and a simple black cotton top. Underneath I had on my new Karen Millen lace bra matching thong and matching garter belt.

(I bought all the clothes and underwear from asos)

I was introduced to all the girls it was all very nice and we all kissed on both cheeks very continental and I was told by all the girls how great I looked and how pleased they were that I had come along.

The champagne flowed and we all got very giggly we chatted about fashion, married life, boys,
The evening was warmish and we had such a yummy setting the garden was lovely and Helen had lots of little candles in the garden. She had also hired a hot tub. (can I say how amazing it was the hot tub was big enough for 6 people and totally warm - just like a hot bath. When I have a party I will hire one Helen told me she had hired the hot tub from here

Well we all got undressed and put on our swim suits I wore a one piece cover all as I wanted to make sure the girls did not see my breasts forms and also I was keen not to let Kathy my friend down and spoil her hen night.

I wore this speedo swim suit.

It is a really supportive one piece and does a great job of smoothing a girl out and hiding any sins.

We sat in the hot tub for about an hour drinking chatting it was soooo great. I felt soo girly and so alive. I really started to feel ultra femm and at one point actually felt totally like a women. I really felt alive. I wanted to thank the girls for making me feel soooo welcome.

Too much drink led the girls to start asking me some very personal questions and I felt a little exposed but since they had been sooo nice I felt I owed the girls so I responded honestly and I think my decision helped make the evening special.

We got out of the hot tub around 10pm and got into the house the girls. Helen showed us all to our rooms she lived in her parents home (parents had passed away a few years ago and left her the house) a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs of London.

Helen had her own room and each girl shared a room with another girl. I shared a room with Kathy. Helen was the most amazing host she had a basket of chocolates in each girls room and
spa treatments. It was sooo nice.

There was also a box on each girls bed (Helen had asked all our sizes prior to the event) she had left instructions to each of us to dress in what was in the box and then meet in the living room if we wanted showers then to do so we were given 45minutes.

I opened the box and watch Kathy do so she had the same outfit as me so I undressed wrapped a towel around myself above my breasts forms and walked to the bathroom for a shower.

I got back to my room to find Kathy dressed I picked up the thong and pulled it up under my towel and then took of my towel I felt sooo scared would kathy say anything did my forms look ok... a thousand thoughts and feelings rushed through my head. Kathy was as sweet as ever and helped me on with the corset I attached the straps to my stockings and then slipped on the garter and arm in arm Kathy and I joined the girls in the living room.

The outfit Helen had for us all was from fig leaves We all had the same outfit but Kathy also had a veil.

I adored the corset so femm and soooo pretty.

The thong was soooo divine and I adored the back of the thong. The detail was soo yummy and girly I felt amazing walking into the living room in my heels and undies. The girls all looked stunning.

I had my hair up and my makeup was soo over the top I must have looked such a tart. giggle.

I hugged Helen and kissed her on the cheeks the detail and the garters sent shivers up my spine.

We all sat down and continued the drinking and chatting the TV was put on and the door bell went Helen disappeared and then about 15minutes later returned to the living room she asked us all to sit around on the floor and then she returned to the door and opened it the girls all squealed as a 6 foot 5 hunk entered the room he started to dance to the music Helen had switched on. He danced around us all and especially around Kathy.

He had an amazing body his stomach was so rippled and his six back was stunning he took of his speedos and his cock was huge he rubbed his cock on each girls face when he got to me I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply taking in his scent I just about stopped myself from opening my mouth and taking him in.

I turned away and blushed like a silly girl only to see Kathy deep throating him she took him into her mouth and started to pump his cock.

He pulled out of her mouth and went round the circle next to Kathy was Lisa she shook her head and the stud went onto the next girl she opened her mouth and let him fuck her face then onto Zoe who greedily sucked on his cock in fact should did not want to let go.

Helen next she also shook her head he then turned to Mandy and she also shook her head but wanked him for a little bit then back to me I opened my mouth and sucked on him and wanked him the girls squealed with delight and I could hear them screaming go go Tabby

He withdrew from my mouth and then went onto to Kathy and then pulled out and wanked himself till he came on Kathy and turned to me and the other girls that blew him and came on them also I got a string of cum on my cheek and wiped it with my finger and then licked it

Helen showed him out of the room he dressed and then joined us for a drink he kissed each of us and left.

I was now very drunk and getting very horny and had an erection I had totally ignored yes I have a tiny sissy clit but all this man action and girls and lace had managed to engorge my tiny faggot cockette so it made a little tent at the front of my Thong I blushed as Zoe pointed it out. The girls giggled and pulled at my thong I was told to give Kathy a lap dance so I did.

Well what happened next was amazing each girl stroked me and made me kiss her and when I turned to Helen she made me lick her nipples the girls all giggled and squealed and then
I came. My cock deflated and then we all sat on the sofa and chatted slowly each girl drifted away to her room and Kathy and I arm in arm slowly walked to our bedroom. I fell into bed with Kathy and we slept arm in arm.


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