Thursday, 8 October 2009


Oh I am soooo sexy Ohhh every one wants me ooohh I am Miss Fox - OMG she annoys me and yes she has an amazing bod but she is sooo far up herself.

Kiera darling Knightly can she do no wrong. I adore this women. But why oh why must she be sooo serious - girl relax your amazing you can act and your overbite is not that bad.

Sorry Danni darling but you are the uglier sister - Kylie is a goddess and you hun are... well all of a sudden I have some manners. Giggle.

Beyonce Knowles I adore you - hugs and kisses I just wish you could find your own style hun.

I adore Alexander McQueen. I love his clothes but honey your going a little too far. Ladies do you like? Have I lost my cutting edge fashion taste...I don't think so girls!

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  1. Knightly is such a sexy and interesting woman. She is wonderful. Great picture of her.