Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Your 'O' Face

Hi girls, I am going to write about a subject that is close to my heart today. Growing up I tended to have more female friends than male but in my late teens I started to 'hang out' with several guys they were all very macho.

In hindsight I think it was my last attempt at being normal - we would all congregate at Jame's house and watch videos, play video games - I recall one lazy Sunday at his house there were 5 of us we started playing a game on his playstation he then pulled out a porn video. They put it on and we watched it I remember it vividly it really had an effect on me The blonde girl was being taken from behind and the camera paned around so that we were looking at her face we could see the guy in the background slightly out of focus I sat in that room stock still the guys cheered and wooped I was like a rabbit caught in a cars headlight transfixed 

Her face contorted and several hundred emotions flicked past in an instant - pain, lust, pleasure, extreme pleasure, satisfaction, pain, shame, lust and then finally she blushed as she let out a moan and her eyes rolled back she shuddered and purred as she came. 

I wanted that so much I wanted to feel that to experience it to be her to have the guys fuck me use me like that to piston in and out of me to make me feel those things. 

Roll forward a few years and embarrassingly I still do it to this day. I start to befriend a girl and then when I think I am close enough to ask her anything I blurt out my question...

What is it like to be fucked - deeply and hard - what do you feel, what is it like...

Normally we are both drunk and she laughs and mutters something sometimes they tell me they explain it with relish almost reliving the moment...

I have been told that the first sensations are one of fullness then a warmth sometimes pain but it goes quickly and pain then is replaced by pleasure a tightness and depending on the guys size both thickness and length there is a deep sensation which builds into a warm feeling then spreads into a glow. Some girls have told me at this point they tend to lose it and just go with the flow they start to purr or moan gently eyes normally closed they feel their bodies tense and relax and they want more they need more inside them they start to push back driving the guy deeper...

I wanted to share with you all several images that cover the emotional range I want to talk about and also to help any tgirls out there who need a better understanding of their 'O' face

Typical lust look - makes the guy feel wanted 

building the pleasure biting the lower lip is also sexy a little bit is better than biting the whole lip

Pian pleasure combo ooh lucky girl - it is such a nice feeling to feel so full but it is also not nice when he pulls out a lot of girls tell me they whimper when a really big cock is pulled out the feeling of being empty is quite a shock after all the pleasure 

Being taken in your bottom is an experience every girl should have it is really amazing but can be painful and do go slow ladies 

The cross look giggle 

Shock look one of my faves 

I call this the howl as she is about to let out a very load moan and possibly a yelp. 

The kitten she is sooo lucky I love purring when being taken

She is gone I love this sensation 


The lustful pain look 

Pure pain

Let me know what your fave look is girls and what makes you go mmmmm giggle


  1. i love each and every one Tabby - thank you so much for sharing..and oh to be at the mercy of a Man who could make me make each one in turn!