Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Images from Mr Blacks Academy

Mr Black expects all his girls to be well attired, femm and above all carry themselves with elegance charm and an air of sophisticated aloofness. 

Underwear must always match your outfit perfectly and never wear tights. Hold ups or Stockings. 
Carry yourself well and move gracefully. He loves to hear the girls rushing around carrying out his orders the clicking of the girls heels in the courtyard reflects on how busy the academy is. 

I adore looking very prim and proper and then being taken and turning into a whore - blush why does that resonate for so many tgirls - girls do let me know your thoughts

Some days I like to go a little flouncy and dress up from the safer secretarial outfits. 

What would you wear for Mr Black respond in the comments area and link to your outfits 
Dying to know what you girls would wear make sure you link to your undies too girls and Mr Black will select the best complete outfit presented. 

This needs to include:

1. Underwear 
2. Office Wear 
3. Outer Wear 
4. Shoes 
5. Accessories 
6. Makeup description or link

thank you ladies


  1. hello, your post is very exciting, when you say you prefer to be very proper and turning into whore, it's very different from cute sissy gurls
    with the hustler's look, but the result seem to be the same.According to me, dependly about the character of the gurl or on the kind of man that you want to be hooked on you is'nt it?
    see you

  2. ooo i can't believe i'm the first one to um rise to the challenge Tabby! First of all i have to see you look lovely as always! i thought about this VERY carefully and as a new gurl to Mr Blacks i think i would have to go with a junior schoolgurl look:
    Little pleated skirt, white plain blouse, cute but not TOO sexy *giggles* not yet at least - something like this:

    Of course there would need to be appropriate shoes, maybe 3" heel oxfords with a darling little ankle strap.

    For undies a sweet and sexy white camigarter set like this:

    That will take care of the stockings - a gurl can't be running around bare-legged! *giggles*

  3. Tommi darling almost perfect xxx

  4. "almost" Tabby? *giggles* do i need some extra credit courses?

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