Tuesday, 1 June 2010

submissive sissy girls

I spent 3 hours on Sunday thinking about the question Sandra poised.
I am not sure how real her situation is but it is ever so interesting a question so I will assume it is real.

Sandra is 22 she is... in her words a submissive uptown closet tgirl.

Her question is simple... why are most tgirls submissive cock hungry faggots.

Well Sandra thank you for asking that question I have given it a lot of thought and I think the reasons are simple:

1. We want to please and be femm and most women are sub and therefore we become a parody of the women we wish we were.

2. like all women we dream of cock. Well sort of. We want the ultimate expression of womenhood and that is submitting to a man and being penetrated

3. Most tgirls love to be humiliated. Why you ask well I think the answer is pretty simple most tgirls want to be women and inside our twisted faggot, cock and lace minds we need to be controlled and made to obey.

Which girl out there does not want her man to use her breasts like this to have his manly cum splatter on your painted lips.

I love this ad

I love the fact he ignores her

her pussy pussy

these two images have my sissy clit soooo hard. I imagine he is fingering her pussy as he slides in her butt plug with a tail.

two sub sissy fags licking each other clean from their masters cum

I adore the shame of this pic

the perfect harem


more pet girls

even celebs are getting into it

she is broken and that is so sexy

love her eyes

She is sub and can not wait till she gets back to work

Fear can be used to control


  1. I love all the pics I really love the first one seeing that hard cock shooting its hot cum all over her tits and face is so hot

  2. I think your insights are right on - and the pictures you chose to illustrate them are incredible!

  3. Yes Make sure she knows what her new lifestyle will BE.