Wednesday, 2 June 2010

from her to him

I have a small but growing readership of genetic women some have come here for answers about their once manly partners, others are bi and want to explore that part of their sexuality
A small group has been rather vocal in emails they have been rude, angry, ignorant and sometimes sympathetic.

I guess the most prolific has been a lady called Jude. She sent me an email last night. The email was short and to the point she asks:

' how have we gone from curvy women like Marilyn to the boy like women of Natalie, Keira and Megan.'

Firstly I agree those women are with the inclusion of Angelina the replacement for Marilyn.
However I still think these girls are womanly yes they are skinny, yes they are less like the girl on the street but are they really boy like?

I thought about this while I sipped on a glass of white wine and I pulled my iPad over (yes ladies I have been very lucky this week my daddy has provided) and looked through images of these girls.

From her


to him....

and then it hit me.
Hollywood was run by men hence the Marilyn type girls, blonde dumb and sub just like men prefer suck my cock and then make my dinner - oh yes sir oh your so big sir - sir here is your steak sandwich and so on...

That same Hollywood is now run by gay men and they like boy-ish femm looking girls they can not have that in their leading men so they look to the girls. The girls have become sassy and quick witted. Think fag hag.

Jude I think you are on to something.


  1. Hi Tabby,

    Interesting thought. Personally if boyish shapes are in vogue then I'm happy as it makes my figure more fashionable but given the choice, I'd have the curves every time!

    Love the blog by the way.

    Yvonne. xx

  2. thank you.

    Hugs and kisses