Thursday, 3 June 2010

Genetically Nasty

I was chatting to my sister last night. She is quite a bitch sometimes but I forgive her because she is also supportive. It took a while but we got there in the end.

I posed a question to her. Why are genetic girls sooo nasty to each other. Tgirls can be real bitches but they tend to support their own. I have noticed a level of class in the Tgirl universe that seems to work.

Girls / guys and all of you in between I really want some feedback on this one it is important.

From my experience I have noticed that in the Tgirl universe we don't really do nasty we do bitchy and it is more to do with the way we look. E.g:

Fat Hairy guy in wifes knickers wanking in front of his PC while reading my blog stories is the lowest in the food chain but also happens to be most of the girls out there. They hide away and never ever come out.

Next we have slightly thinner guy in wifes knickers wanking etc etc...
The point of difference here is he is thin enough to get into her clothes and will do so. Then one drunk / sexier than normal night he will ask about wearing a babydoll to make love and then she will either like it or not. If she does not they will never ever talk about it and he will continue his dirty little secret. She on the other hand will start to have very dom men fantasies

Next we have the the guy that is convincing to a point and is bi and plays around with his sexuality and female persona. He will have several male and female partners and will explore the boundaries of his fetish and sexuality. This for me is a real Tgirl. This is where our kind the third way starts.

The next level is where I feel I am. I spend more time dressed as a Tabby. I have come out as it were to most people. When in male mode most people who encounter me assume I am a femm gay man. When in girl mode those same people assume I am a butch-ish girl and some who are aware understand what I am. I am convincing my voice is not great but I do try and the hormones have helped. This for me is the 2nd class T girl and we tend to mix in our own circle. With a few exceptions someone who is soon to make the transition up from the class below and someone who is getting ready to make the legal and full time commitment to the class above.

The class above this is the last ladder for tgirls past this class you become a women. In this group they are totally convincing, live totally full time and are more than often than not transistioning to full womenhood.

Women well genetic women are also tribal but their instincts are not based on experience or respect for someone else's trials and tribulations not until they get a little older.

Even then women tend to turn a little sour in old age and men turn a little less hard and sweeten in old age.


Well lets look back at school - the popular girls, the athletic girls, the nerds all these social groupings these tribal units are based on looks and clothing for genetic women.

A sexy attractive nerd would rather be a popular girl than an intelligent an well read women. T girls yes are all about the clothes and looks but they also are sympathetic to the classes below. I may or may not be blessed with female characteristics I grew up with every bully picking on me because I was femm. Now those same bullies want to fuck me or dress like me!

So back to GGirls well this picture speaks a thousand words...
yes it is a porn image and yes mostly likely staged. But I have seen these faces and expressions on so many women.

Lets start with the lady with the cock in her mouth - when this happens most women are pre programmed to become sub they allow the man to control the situation and will do nothing to stop him unless she feels he is getting to close to being rough or hurting her.

Next the girl by the cock sucker - giggle - to the left of her. She is in a submissive pose because she is next on the cock and is feeling close to submitting. We then have the blonde next to her she is looking unsure and is not excited nor submissive she is in normal female mode.

She does not want to suck a strangers cock but she knows she has to she is a porn star and that is her role, her job. She know she must but she is too far away to become submissive and too close not to care.

The brunette and the blonde are behaving like animals because women - genetic women enjoy watching other women submit. They love to watch women in pain they enjoy the fact they are not suffering and someone else is.

Want proof look at their eyes.

Less wars if women ran the world no. Tgirls should run the world.

thoughts ideas pls.


  1. I'm amazed by your analysis of the photograph. It certainly looks right on, and well, frankly, I like it. Understanding it as you've explained makes it much more exciting! Almost enough to make me want to pull down my tightie-whities, but hey wait--I'm not fat!?!?

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