Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sometimes it is worth it

I love their yogurts, milks and desserts. Since I stopped using diary products my shape has gotten better I feel healthier and I have lost weight. I love this new video and the girl about 35 seconds in is truly stunning watch and enjoy.

P.S. Several new posts coming soon I promise.



  1. No, dear,
    it aint worth it to go to Hellfire
    for your finite existence...
    yet, that's PRECISELY what Jesus'll
    do if you perish in mortal sin.
    You should've learned... but didjew?
    Follow us on the journey Upstairs.
    I dont wanna lose you as a lemming...
    yet, WE cannot prevent you: free will.

    When our soul leaves our body
    (without which nthn can exist)
    and we riseabove to meet our Maker,
    only four, last things remain:
    death, judgement, Heaven or Hell.
    And dats d'fak, Jak
    (which is exactly what happened to me:
    Im an NDE - my colorFULL nomenclature).

    Find-out what RCIA is and join
    (ya might wanna check-out
    'Lui et Moi' by Gabrielle Bossis -
    a French writer, translated;
    a wonderfull novel which'll
    ROCK, YOUR, WORLD, earthling).

    Make Your Choice -SAW

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