Sunday, 7 March 2010

Short Story - My own fault

I looked forward to Saturday mornings. I could put away my male clothing and dress up as a cute, sassy and sultry shop assistant.

I adored serving those sexy women in my wife's shop dressed like one of them. I adored shacking my little pert ass and the click clack of my heels on the polished floor. I loved the fact that over the weekend I was not my wife's husband but her girlfriend and we spent the weekend chatting about clothes, the shop and how we can make the little boutique more successful.

But this Saturday was different. This Saturday my wife and I were at odds. You see I had started to complain, moan and generally nag her. She was having fun at the weekends, shopping, lunching and partying with other guys and I was left to work in the shop.

I had pressed her buttons and she screamed at me

You fucking sissy fag I let you dress and serve my friends in my shop, wearing my stock, using my best perfumes and make up. I let you do this because you need to dress like a whore like some fag and you cried like a girl. I risked public humiliation to let you do these things and now you want more.

Your not a man. I do not have a husband anymore you just want to be a girl. So I am going to treat you like one. I do not care anymore about you you are not my husband you are just a shop girl.

With that she slammed the door and drove off.

Well that was Friday night and I sat at home in tears. I woke up early on Saturday I showered and ate breakfast and sat in silence. It was too early to dress and too late to go back to bed I sat in the half light in the kitchen in a trance.

The sharp pinging of my mobile broke my trance and I looked down and saw the text from my wife.

It was short and sharp.

Hi bitch,
I am at Carls, he is my lover as I no longer have a husband. As far as I am concerned you are my live in girl friend / lodger. If you want to work at the shop I will pay you for weekend rates
Let me know in 5 mins or do not bother coming in.

I sat there my sissy clit twitched I loved the idea of being humiliated and Carl was such a huge strong guy. My mind raced I blushed as I imagined his cock pounding my wife's not my wife my landlandy's pussy....

My hand tapped the buttons on the phone

Yes I will be in.....

I waited a moment and then the phone pinged into life

I knew you would. Now Jenny be a good girl and open on time I am sending Carl in to pick up some gifts for me as we are going away this weekend for some sexy fun. Wish me luck it's our first weekend away.

I sent a text back

Yes ok, can I suggest Carl picks up some of the La Perla underware it is sooo divine and sexy and would pick out your curves soo well. Oh and good luck

My phone pinged again

Ha haha... you are a faggot slut. There is no man left in you is there Jenny.
Just go to work you stupid bitch.

I walked upstairs in shame and slowly dressed. I put on my red lace thong and matching bra my and then my black skirt and red lace vest top I put on a black belt to finish off the outfit and some jewellery.

I sat down and applied my makeup and did my hair.

I slipped on my heels and picked up my purse and got into my little town car and drove to the shopping center. I unlocked the hop door and put on the kettle I was in a very bad mood, my face burned red with shame but slowly being Jenny and walking through the store, swinging my hips and feeling my breasts jiggle as I took each step in my 5 inch heels made me feel so much better. I soon started to smile and before too long the shop was ready and at 9:30am I opened the doors.

Time flew by as I helped my customers I loved the feeling of my thighs being pressed together by the tightness of my skirt. I loved all my feminine gestures and movements.

I had learned to speak like a women long ago by speaking on sex lines and pretending to be a girl. I had learned all about the desires of men but I had never felt a real man press against me never felt the throb of his cock in my lower back, his breath on the back of my neck as he leaned into me his hands groping me.

I was jolted from my day dream by Carl he had wondered into the shop it was almost closing time and I had hoped I would not have to deal with him.

He walked around the store picking up the most sexy underware we sold I knew my wife had told him what to buy a man like Carl would not have a clue in a shop like this.

I had closed the shop door by this time and was busy working on the till. He placed the items on the counter and I bagged everything for him and he said no charge to me I smiled and brushed a strand of hair out of my face and said ok.

He laughed

He then walked around the counter and leaned into me and picked up the bag. I leaned back out of his way. He stepped closer.

Carl I whispered please....

Carl smiled please what you faggot...

I blushed and bit my lip

In one swift movement he turned me around and pushed me onto the counter. One arm around my neck the other foundling, pulling and groping at my tight skirt.

His weight and strength made me helpless and to my shame I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply to smell his manliness. He sense a slight change in my attitude and laughed I blushed and he then pulled up my skirt and pulled aside my thong string and pushed two of his fat fingers into my asspussy I gritted my teeth and moaned like a whore.

He whispered harsly in my ears...please what....

I bit my lip and whispered back please please fuck me like you fuck my wife please....

he chuckled....

He pushed me flat onto the counter and lifted my skirt up to my waist. He spanked my exposed ass several times. I cried out in pain and wiggled my ass at him he laughed and spanked me several times more I could feel my sissy clit gently cuming into my my thong.

he kept spanking me and I gripped the counter and came like a virgin on her wedding night. I screamed and shook like a total sissy. I humped the counter trying to rub my sissy clit and all the time Carl held me down and spanked me.

He let me up and pushed me to my knees and said now its your turn whore and pushed his fat cock towards my mouth. I hesitated

Suck it he shouted, suck it like you bitch wife does.

I took his cock into my mouth and sucked like a pro I licked his fat balls and sucked on his cock
I could smell him and as I licked his cock he laughed and told me that he had just spent the day fucking my wife and just before he left he had fucked her asshole.

I intensified my sucking

he laughed and spat at me your a fucking dirty whore...

He pulled down my bra and top and exposed my breast forms he pulled at them which in turn pulled at the glue I used to attache them, he pounded my face harder

Finally my face sore from his thrusts and laughing he lifts a bag from the floor and pulls out a butt plug here you go he rams the plug in my mouth and then pushes me back onto the counter

I knew what is coming next. I tried to speak but the butt plug filled my mouth, I found myself sucking and licking it - I blushed and continued to suck it. I looked back over my shoulder and the panic on my faced made Carl laugh why are you so worried darling. I squeaked please do not hurt me.

I am terrified and yet I want it I need him inside me I ache and the shame makes me want him more.

I can hear Carl laughing it sounds like he is in the other room. I feel the head of his cock pushing at my hole I want this I lick my lips and dive back onto the plug licking it and sucking it like a true faggot.

I try to relax but everything is working at 1,000 miles an hour. I am panting, I can hear the
blood rushing past my ears, my heart is thumping and as each beat shakes me my breast forms wobble. I giggle to myself slightly detached for a moment as I watch my breasts jiggle at each heart beat. I then feel his hand pushing me flat again on the counter

His rod is at my entrance again I hear him spit and then rub his saliva on my hole he spits again on his hand and rubs his cock. I tense up as I feel his spit hit my hole and then pain

I scream my mind goes blank and my eyes roll back he is fully in me now....

Slowly I start to feel again the peppery fire is going out and being replaced by a fullness a strange but pleasing sensation as he fills me

I sit up and turn to him and bit my lip and smile.......


  1. Oh thank you Tabby for the delightful little story.

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