Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Online PA or Secretary - last week

Ladies this is the final week I will be accepting CV's for the position of my personal secretary.
The role is simple:

1. Dress appropriately
2. Act appropriately
3. Be available to run online errands and tasks for me.

This position is perfect for those of you who are submissive by nature, have excellent typing skills, love to please and most of all need to dress like this.

I have had several excellent CV's and I thank those girls. Can I ask you to be patient as selecting the right girl is extremely important to me and some girls have asked for extensions on the tasks. Yes I will be down marking them for their lack of planning and time management.

Thank you
Miss Jones


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  2. Wow, i just spent 7 hours to finish reading your blog from the beginning. You are soo brave to go through all this. I am a cd myself,similar age,but i admire your courage and "balls" to do what makes you happy. I think you were fortune to find someone to support you in the beginning, like zoe. I am aslo very sad to hear the only 3 options from your experienced tgirl friend. Because those options are going nowhere, but a sex toy. I didn't finish reading all the short stories. Did you write them yourself? If so, you have very rich imagination. I really hope i have all the luxury to buy all the pretty underwear you have. I envy you so much. I am also really happy to find your blog. I just started my journey as a cd,i created a new blog. I hope i can get feedback from you and maybe become a friend.In addtion, I hope everything will continuely working well for you.

  3. Miss Jones, i would love to be your PA. Like one of your other applicants, i am in a relationship so it would require care to conceal my job, but it would be such a wi=onderful challenge if it could be done. You probably have other better qulified candidates, but your challenge is so delicious that i have to apply.

  4. i am 22 years old, i like to work as your Online PA i am a computer professional. i expect more details and duties my email id is tellme.whoami@yahoo.com