Sunday, 4 December 2011

My most fave blogs

obviously Sir's is at the top of the list a great read for you gurls out there;

Everything about this blog is perfect if this girl could be any more on trend she would be the trend. She is stunning, sassy and ever so sexy - gurls we have a lot to learn

Perhaps one of the most lovely, fun and cute as a button bloggers in the UK. Love her and her blog

Money, sex, drugs and rock and roll - she hot the blog is hotter gurls tune in....

so hot right now - giggle

For those of you that follow my blog you will know how much I admire and sooo wish I could be like her she is soooo sexy, intelligent and just the right side of posh bitch (in the nicest possible way). Gurls we should try to be more like her.

One of the best Lingerie blogs ever

Possibly my most fave underwear brand

Enjoy ladies xxx


  1. That's really sweet. Thank you :)

  2. thank you for all yours links
    a touch of style & good music too.


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