Thursday, 1 April 2010

Update & My Selected PA

Well girls, ladies and gents I am back I have been very lucky. In one lucky incident I managed to turn a rather horrid situation into a positive one.

I am now back in charge of a shiny new mac book air to go along with my new found job. More on the job later first and foremost ladies, sissy fags and dick girls I salute you giggle.

I was most impressed with the entries and the winner is a stunning TS girl from the gold old US of A. She is from LA and is stunning. Currently she is in Dubai and will stop off in the UK for a week. Why her well let me create for you a rather manly list:

1. Stunning super sexy and convincing
2. Great sense of humour and her audition tape was wild - giggle I may get her permission to release it to the public.
3. Did I say stunning
4. We are all going to learn a lot from her.
5. oh yes I almost forgot she is stunning!

Ladies, Gents, Girls, Masters, Mistreses, Dickgirls Subs, Fags and everyone else let me introduce to you Miss Tabitha's Personal Assistant

Miss Harri Saffron Waters (yes that is her name)

Harri wanted to say to you all that she will do her best and that if anyone wanted to send her a comment or question to do so.