Monday, 18 October 2010

Traps - guys that are soooo femm

There is a fast growing splinter group from the traditional Tgirls. 
I adore these boys. They look very femm they are soooo sub and they are just the perfect girl to be converted to a maid. 

I am soooo looking for one to play with she/he must be everso femm. Smaller than me (size 8) and she/he must be sub and a total slut giggle.

I adore these little sluts just look at this trap he looks sooo femm and is sooo naughty

Oh perhaps a dark haired trap. This little bitch is sooo cute. 

I adore her/his top. Giggle, traps are soo amazingly girly he has matched his lipstick and panties giggle. 

Moving into tgirl world ooooh my I would live to suck on her cock. 

A very femm body - fat cock and a boyish face what a mix. 

Giggle this is everso cute. I want one giggle

Wow what a well behaved sissy

What a perfect place to store your trap when you are finished with them

Traps have the most perfect eyes

Amazing cock on such a small Trap

Virgin trap - or is she/he

Two guys and one trap

Cute Tgirl

What an amazing trap

Sooooo sexy this is one of the most lush looking traps I have ever seen

OMG - Traps are sooo in right now - Emma Watson sporting the trap look!

EMO Trap. 

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